MedAmour Loves Mamas! Kegel Products Sale!


20% off Kegel Products!

Now until May 11, receive 20% off kegel-strengthening products on MedAmour!

In honor of all the mothers out there and all the hard work they had to do to bring their children in to the world, it’s time to take care of the parts that made it all possible. Maybe by now you’ve heard how important it is to perform kegel exercises before AND after having a baby. Or maybe your babies are grown and you’re dealing with the very real issues of hormones shifting and entering into menopause.  Good kegel strength can make childbirth and recovery after childbirth easier. Add to that the benefit of fewer future issues with incontinence and doing regular kegel exercises is a no-brainer! Let MedAmour help with well-selected products, approved by our doctor advisory board. Try kegel balls in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Kegel balls make kegel exercises even easier by isolating the muscles and allowing the design of the product to do a lot of the work for you.

Mama-related books also on sale!

As an added bonus, we’ve also discounted our mama-related books from 10% to 20%! Learn about Sexy Mamas or try out Great Sex for Moms. These books encourage us all to realize that sex is not over after a baby. If you’re a mama-to-be, take a look at Your Orgasmic Pregnancy to find out how to keep the passion going throughout your pregnancy. (Yes you can!)

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more and improve the health of your active and intimate life!


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