Clitoral Pain Interferes with Daily Activities and Sex

New study from Journal of Sexual Medicine on Clitoral Pain

Although there doesn’t seem to be a clear treatment outlined, ISSM shares a new study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine about the effects of clitoral pain on a woman’s life. Called clitorodynia, it is believed to be a subset of vulvodynia and be linked to vestibulodynia, Multiple Sclerosis, surgery or vaginal childbirth

They surveyed 126 women between the ages of 18 and 69 years (mean age 39.4 years). All of the participants had clitoral pain. They answered questions about the nature of the pain, situations that could worsen the pain, treatments, and the impact of pain on their daily lives. – See more at:

Source: Clitoral Pain Interferes with Daily Activities and Sexual Function | ISSM

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