Vibrators in Vegas

Thank you to visitors near and far who visited our MedAmour booth at the IECSC, International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference – Vegas is back!  And so are trade shows from the crowds we experienced!  It was so exciting, slammed-busy, and fun – it went by too fast!

Were there really vibrators at the Las Vegas Spa Show? 

Yes!  Because the spa industry primarily focuses on cosmetics, sophisticated treatments, high-end-celebrity-like experiences, skin enhancements, feelings of relaxation, massage therapy, beauty, and all things encompassing ‘spa.’  We believe intimate health and wellness aligns!  Tie in self-care, inner-comfort and peace, how we look and feel on the outside connects emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically… (including your other set of lips)!  *winky face

Some reactions we heard:

  • “Wow!  Y’all are the buzz of the show!”
  • “Omg, what are they doing here…”
  • “OMG, so awesome that you’re here – what’s the best thing I should try??”
  • “Are you hiring?”

And… you’ve seen those electric facial scrubbers made out of silicone with a motor in it – you might even own one.  Did you know there are overlapping companies that manufacture those facial scrubbers who also produce sex toys?  Think about it.  It’s the same body-safe silicone materials and colors, same vibrating motors, same on/off, +/-  buttons, same rechargeable ports, but in different molds. (toothbrushes, too!)  So when you’re done scrubbing (vibrating) your face in the shower, you could use the vibrations to stimulate your body’s erogenous areas.  How the sister products were born – brilliant!  The many proper intimate devices and designs help bodies enhance blood flow, arousal, release endorphins, and create climax or orgasms!  Why not feel amazing inside and out?  

No more taboo!  No more shaming.

We [women] need to support one another and talk about the challenges, the low libido, the pain, how your body changes with age or pregnancy that no one warns you or talks about (‘til the issues are happening), etc!  

Thank you to all the fans and curious minds who are not shy, brave to learn, and invest in themselves!

So, cheers to the folks who believe and invest in self-care, self-pleasure, and sexual health.  Thank you for supporting our passion project at the show!  For those who missed us, here’s your chance to shop our Show Specials!  These are some of the popular buys:

  • Magic Wand – there’s a reason why it’s been around for almost 55 years.  Classic.
  • Rianne S. And we mean all of it! Affordable luxury. Great for beginners! Love the thoughtful folks shopping for their sisters, daughters, and girlfriends!  So giftable! (Don’t forget a heart vibe to love yourself, too!)
  • We-Vibe.  The popular brand that sets the highest standards.  So much sold out, including designs we did not even bring to the show! Thank goodness for discreet dropship services!  And free shipping for you!  😉 
  • The flagship We-Vibe Chorus was a hot seller!  When in Vegas, why wouldn’t you want a vibe to wear, turn on ambient-mode then vibrate to the beat of the music or sounds?  Bluetooth app and remote – it has all the bells and whistles to stimulate you and your partner internally and externally!  
  • Of course it also comes in a value Golden Moments Gift Set with Womanizer Premium
  • Ask me 5 years ago and Pelvic Floor Health was still a mystery.  Kegel Health is now the sexy-health exercise to know!  We have exercisers in different shapes, sizes, weights, colors, vibrating and non-vibrating!  We sold out at the show, but we have plenty in stock!  Ask us which ones are right for you!  (Lelo Beads, LoveLife Krush, We-Vibe Bloom and Jive, and Je Joue Ami Balls are the best sellers).  
  • And Lora DiCarlo joined MedAmour making their debut appearance with the entire collection.  Robotics success! 

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We are giving away many of the above mentioned toys: Magic Wands, We-Vibes, Lora DiCarlos, Rianne S. and more!  Time for Summer Vibes! is a woman owned passion project that provides education on sexual health conditions and body-safe natural products that can help you cope, recover, and renew your wellness. People are viewing their sexuality as a natural and healthy part of their lives. By offering a nurturing, safe and un-intimidating environment to assist with individuals’ sexual health needs, MedAmour offers discreet shipping and solutions to your intimate wellness. 

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