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It was my refrain when the test showed two lines, and again when an internal ultrasound rattled my insides, and again, and again – over and over from pregnancy all the way through a year postpartum (ok, maybe even longer than that). This period in life is filled with questions, moments of uncertainty, and a fair share of giggles. Trying to find a comfortable position with your partner when you’re overdue? Been there. Can’t find what used to be your vulva after delivery? Done that. Supporting women through hospital and home births, and going on to have two home births myself; I have been witness to the miracle and challenges through pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period. Add to that experience a passion for a healthy sex life and you’ve got your author. 

As a mother of two with nearly 8 years in between, I feel like I’ve lived the “brand new mom” experience twice over! In fact, I’m in the thick of it with our six month old baby boy. Because of my training as a doula and lactation educator I felt I had a head start, but what I really had was a better language for asking for what I wanted and needed. And this didn’t just exist to serve in doctor visits and midwife chats; this extended deeply into my relationship both inside and outside the bedroom. With my partner of nearly 20 years, the journey through each change and finding our way back to each other, and feeling empowered to find my own bliss, has taught us both so much.

What Can You Expect?!

What you’ll see in the postpartum chronicles are the things you never thought to ask; and the questions that leave you wondering “what just happened?”. The moment you meet yourself again, and aren’t sure what to expect. The time to reconnect with your partner and introduce them to your changing body. From the practical (what happens if my breastmilk leaks during sex?) to the pro-tips, the postpartum chronicles are meant as a place for information, support, and even a laugh or two. In my motherhood journey I was lucky to have a circle of women to turn to for questions that came up, but even with my circle I found moments of loneliness, searching for answers in the middle of the night. This series will, I hope, serve to be part of your circle of support. 

The Postpartum Chronicles are an ongoing series sharing stories and experiences through pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum, shared by real moms with a real passion for passion. We’d love to address any questions or topics you would like to see here, please send us your suggestions below!

Emily Downing is a Southern California based writer and consultant. She holds a Masters in Public Health as well as training in and experience as a Birth Doula, Lactation Educator and Lifestyle Management coach. Emily is married to her childhood sweetheart, a mom of 2, and a voracious reader of cheesy romance.

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