The Private Gym kegel exerciser for men

Kegels aren’t just for women!

It’s true: men have kegel muscles too. They play an important if not vital part in urinary issues, prostate health and stronger, longer-lasting erections. But, is it a muscle group that men ever intentionally exercise? Like many women, it may only become apparent once a problem has started (from incontinence to erectile dysfunction). Why not make kegel strengthening part of a regular routine?

What is the Private Gym kegel exerciser?

More than just a device, the Private Gym is an entire exercise program designed for men to learn how to activate and strengthen their kegel (or pelvic floor) muscles. The included video program (that can also be accessed online) guides users week by week to gradually strengthen and train the male pelvic floor muscles. Like any other workout, the Private Gym isolates the proper muscle group for an effective workout.

How long will it take?

Ten minutes a day, 3 times a week for 8 weeks for the complete training program.

How does it work?

By following the video training routine, the user will first establish initial muscle strength before using the patented Private Gym weight. Gradually, the included adjustable, one-size-fits-all weight will be added to the workout routine.

What kind of results can you expect from the Private Gym?

Improved sexual performance

In a four-month clinical trial, participants experienced 75% improvement of erectile rigidity, 90% increased orgasm intensity, 90% increased confidence in the bedroom and 60% increased sexual pleasure.

Reverses or prevents erectile dysfunction

By improving the support system that aids in an erection, the Private Gym can help decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction. Pelvic floor muscles naturally weaken as we age and the Private Gym can help maintain a healthy system, while also bringing much-needed blood flow to the pelvic region.

Promotes urinary health (incontinence and overactive bladder)

Whether due to aging, post-prostate surgery (for benign or malignant conditions or other surgery, incontinence can become a serious issue. The Private Gym strengthens the pelvic floor muscles that help control the flow of urine.

Benefits prostate health

In addition to all of the other choices a man can make about diet and lifestyle to maintain a healthy prostate, performing kegel exercises before and after prostate surgery can greatly reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

A vital part of an exercise routine

With all the other workout plans, fitness tips, equipment, methods and diets available to men, the Private Gym makes great sense as a workout to benefit men’s intimate lives. It can be beneficial at any age—whether trying to maintain a healthy body or regain strength that was once thought lost.