Connecting from Afar: Long Distance Intimacy

We’ve heard our amazing MedAmour folks loud and clear- how on earth do we maintain intimacy if we’re away from our partner? Now more than ever, couples and partners alike are dipping their toes into long distance connection. Of course, technology can only get you so far, the most important factor in keeping your spark alive is you! Through our own efforts and the technology we have, passing this time away from our loved one is much easier.

Make Time for Intimacy

Realize you must make the time to connect digitally when you are apart. Some partners connect by default since they may live together, but many of us may be separated for various reasons. Amidst having a loose schedule at home, we can sometimes forget to put connection and effort to our partners first. Whether it’s an hour a day to catch up, or scheduling a digital date night/ sensual video call- the effort counts!

Phone Calls

A quick good morning call, afternoon catch up, or phone date can really set the tone in staying connected. Talk about the current and future together, and compliment your partner on the things you love about them. Excited for your next visit with your partner? Tell them! Getting sensual over the phone is exciting too- the power of our words is unprecedented. Exchanging descriptive, action filled words of fantasy over the phone is a way to build anticipation. Express to your partner your desire for them, only going as far as comfortable. Check in along the way the see how you both feel about exploring this form of connection.

Video Dates

Yes, a video date! We have been indulging on Zoom and Skype happy hours, and date night is no different. Enjoy a meal together, connect, and set aside time to be sensual together. Exploring intimate relations via video has its perks: It builds anticipation, but with the all so thrilling aspect of visuals. Undoubtedly, a great time to discuss things like mutual self-pleasure, playing a sex game, or widening your sensual activities together!

Keep the Spark Alive: Long Distance Toys

Share experiences with your long distance relationship with the We-Vibe Sync

The sexual health field has always kept up to speed with technology, putting an amazing twist on date night. If you’re planning a sensual date, you can still technically pleasure your partner in your own way. Toys like the We-Vibe’s Rave Internal Massager, Sync Couples Vibe, Verge Erection Ring, Vector Prostate Massager, and Pivot Erection Ring can be controlled via application.

Once you’re both connected to the app, your partner can control its vibrational strength and power from afar. Giving you the option to call or video chat at the same time, the experience is what you make it! If you both have a We-Vibe Connect enabled toy, you can enjoy a toys pleasure together.

Playing games via video is also equally as spicy, and creative: we should play games more often! Think sensual Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever, and see where your date takes you.

Gestures of Kindness

Last but not least, keep your kindness flowing however that may look. Do you know your partner’s love language? If acts of service, send them a handwritten letter with a picture of you together. Words of affirmation? Send them a voice message randomly. If their love language is touch, consider sending them a pleasure product straight to their door. A little goes a long way, and pleasure

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