2020 Self Love Faves

We hear it every year: “My New Year’s Resolution is…”

While setting a goal or resolution can be empowering, we find that a more effective method is to nurture our physical and mental health in order to be our very best version. When we are our best versions, we can accomplish far more than one goal- and surpass our expectations.

Putting just as much emphasis on the mental health as we do physical and sexual, a synchronicity of all three is where we aim to coast in. Here are a few of our 2020 favorites to jump start your most productive year yet.

CBD Gummies

A daily dose of ingestible CBD can be a great way to curve stress, anxiety, sleep troubles, and even a great way to aid bodily tension during intimacy. Taking 1-2 a day when you most need it, our customers love the effects, alongside the wonderful sweet treat for the day. Take it light a daily vitamin, you deserve it!

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are most famously associated with Self Care, but what if they could actually relax your tension? CBD absorbed through the skin is a great way to ease tight muscles, achy spots on the body, as well as soothe irritated skin. A limited quantity left, these mini bath bombs can be taken on the go for a quick fix, anytime you want.

Playful Journals

The body works wonders when the mind is also at bay. Being mindful and present is about leaving the past behind, and not worrying about the future. Learning to better process our stressors, we can create peace and calm the internal chatters of the busy brain. Written in a realistic and witty way for us creatives, this journal puts a humorous twist on our journeys to self realization, well-being, and self development.

Building Intimacy

The We-Vibe Discover Advent Kit is a 10 piece experience of joy and sensations. Allowing couples to experiment with different sensations and activities, building intimacy has never been easier. A fan favorite, this is the perfect gift for Valentines day- and one that will last you well into the future of your intimate needs

Working on our intimate health not only strengthens our relationship with ourselves, but also with our partner. The Privy Peach CBD Intimate Kit is a great way to enjoy a relaxing dose of CBD together, and explore heightened sensation through two options of CBD infused oils used to lubricate during penetration. Included with an aphrodisiac tincture and delicious gummy, this is a great option for date night!

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