3 Ways to Sanitize Your Intimacy Toys

When it comes to owning intimate toys, we may only have a couple, or we may own plenty! Whats most important in owning our toys is to make sure they are running smoothly, stored correctly, and of course, sanitized! Clean sex toys can avoid skin irritations, infections, and of course conserve our toys. Here are 3 awesome ways try sanitizing your goodies!

1. Simplicity

If you are someone who owns maybe a toy or two, you can consider simply sanitizing your toy by either washing it or boiling it. If your toy has a motor, use a mild soap to wash it with under warm water. If your toy does not have a motor, you can boil it for 5-10 minutes right in your kitchen: with both methods, make sure to dry completely after! Although this is a quick and easy method, it isn’t the highest guarantee of sanitation to clean sex toys.

2. Quick and Easy Toy Cleaner!

Toy cleaners have revolutionized the way we treat ourselves and our toys. With many incredible products on the market, its best to find something that is natural or organic, considering the toy will be used on yourself in the future. With just a couple quick spritz, you can clean sex toys and be sure it is sanitized and fresh! I would recommend the following that we offer:

Sliquid Shine Cleaner to clean sex toysSliquid Shine Toy Cleaner: Sliquid being one of my favorite brands, their toy cleaner is as trusty as it gets with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties stemming from tea tree oil and castor oil.

Pjur Med Clean toy cleaner to clean sex toysPjur Med Clean: This cleaner is great for those with sensitive skin or prone to reactions. It is highly effective when combatting against fungus, bacteria, and even viruses!

3. Advanced and Secure

Now, this method of sanitation is from the future. With a 99.9% bacteria killing rate in just under 10 minutes, you may want to consider a UV toy cleaner. The lighting system demolishes any contaminants, and it is a quick and easy clean. The biggest plus? Its a big tray, meaning you can sanitize all your toys in a short time, ideal for us folks who may own plenty of intimate toys.


Clean sex toys with the Uvee Home Play UVB sanitizerUvee Home Play: Plug her in and organize your toys to sanitize! You may also use this on other objects, such as cell phones! Another bonus: you can charge your toys while they’re being sanitized.