Brain Health Benefits From An Active Sex Life

Recent study: active sex life in people over 50 improves brain health

An active sex life well beyond our 50s could boost brain health and protect us from dementia.

A recent study in the journal Age and Aging gathered 6,800 participants and asked them about their active sex life. This included partner sex or masturbation. Participants who reported a more sex were better at recalling numbers and words than other participants. Researchers speculate that Dopamine levels that are boosted after sex, have an affect on brain activity.

These brain chemicals may be vital to brain function through “improving signaling or connectivity between brain regions,”

It looks as though men also outperformed sexually active women. The reason for this? It all goes back to hormones.

Previous studies suggest hormonal differences in men and women lead them to use different parts of the brain to encode memories, sense emotions, recognize faces, solve certain problems, and make decisions.

Source: Brain Health Benefits From An Active Sex Life, Which Causes High Dopamine, Oxytocin Levels

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