Getting In Touch With Your Inner Penis –

How much do you know about your penis?

How much do you know about your partner’s penis? Maybe it’s time to find out. isn’t just talking about your figurative “inner penis,” they’re talking about the actual working parts that makes everything (hopefully) run smoothly.

robust penile foundational support is a necessity for supporting a rigid erection and allowing it to survive in the “stormy turbulence” it may encounter with sexual activity.

The male pelvic floor

The key to activating the inner penis is working the male pelvic floor muscles. It’s true. Kegel exercises are NOT just for women. Innovative devices like the revolutionary Private Gym, provide focused routines to activate and strengthen these muscles in men.

When I use the term “inner penis,” I am not referring in a new age, meditative way to the unexpressed, indiscernible, and unacknowledged spiritual-mental-emotional drive underpinning male sexuality (although that is a good topic for another day).  I am referring to the physical, not metaphysical, literal inner part of the penis.  Did you know that

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