Elvie Trainer: The Future of Kegels

The Elvie Trainer could be the future of kegel exercise

We hear all the rage about Kegels, but are we really doing them correctly?
While there are a zillion products to strengthen your vagina, there are very few that give you feedback on technique. The Elvie Trainer can change that.

What are Kegels? Pelvic Floor Muscles?

General education on Kegels consists of the contraction you make when you stop the flow of urine, but that isn’t fully accurate. As Elvie says, “Understanding the way you exercise is essential. 30% of women push down when doing their Kegels, which can lead to damage”. 

Instructions on how to properly do pelvic floor exercises
General information on how to properly do “Kegels” or pelvic floor exercises

When I do my Kegels, there’s a very clear difference between just “stopping the flow of urine” and creating resistance with my pelvic floor. This often feels like I’m pulling up to my belly button, and radiates around my lower pelvis. 

The Pelvic Floor Muscles consist of a vast network of small and powerful muscles spanning the pelvic area, deep inside you. Training them is no easy task, let alone if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Strong Pelvic Floor: Strong Health

Kegels aren’t often taught to be important for every woman. While Kegels are even more important for our mamas pre, during, and post birth… they are for everyone. Everyone can benefit from training their pelvic floor.

Having a strong pelvic floor balances the body, ensures pristine bladder control, strengthens orgasms, and decreases erectile dysfunction (yes, that means men should do Kegels, too!). These strong muscles also play a big role in more serious pelvic conditions, such as vaginal prolapse and fecal incontinence. 

Given that practicing Kegels can create a new routine, some of us need a little help in doing them consistently. On top of consistency, I like to track progress. I do this in the gym, but why not with my vagina? 

Elvie Trainer

The Elvie Trainer is a small, insertable device with biofeedback to assist in Kegel Exercises
The Elvie Trainer is a small, insertable device with biofeedback to assist in Kegel Exercises

Keeping mothers in mind, Elvie has revolutionized postnatal care with tools like their Elvie Kegel Trainer and Breast Pump. These tools have mixed technology and the female form to provide convenient services, and most importantly, results. 

I had to get my hands on the Elvie Kegel Trainer so I could follow workouts and track my progress. The bean-shaped product connects to the Elvie app on your phone through Bluetooth. Through this app, you can measure your Kegel progress and see it in live-action.

The Elvie app’s easy interface shows a geometric ball on the screen. Every time you squeeze Elvie with your pelvic floor, it is represented by a geometric ball. The geometric ball shoots vertically or holds steady depending on your movement. The Elvie Trainer’s live feedback shows exactly what your pelvic floor is doing and measures it by LV’s (a number to represent how strong you are squeezing).

The Elvie's app interface
The Elvie Trainer app interface

The workouts consist of measuring Kegel strength, pulsing, lifting, holding, speed, and step (keeping strength steady). The workouts range from beginners to intermediate and include a training session before any level to learn. Just like any other workout plan, you can set goals and reminders to keep you on track. 

Through the app and multiple workouts, it tracks data regarding your numbers, progress, and where you can improve with practice. 

My Time to Shine

What's included with the Elvie Trainer
The Elvie Trainer comes with an additional silicone sleeve, charging cable and discreet storage and charging container

As a sex blogger, how strong is my vagina? Am I doing this right? I thought highly of myself, but high-tech vaginal power tools gave me a reality check.

I gently pushed on my Elvie and turned it on so it would connect via Bluetooth to my app. Once connected, I slid Elvie into my vaginal canal about midway. It advises you to not put it too high. I myself have made the mistake of putting Kegel devices up too far, whoops!

Once connected, I tapped on my workouts to begin my first training exercise. THIS WAS NO EASY TASK.

I started off just lifting Elvie for a few seconds at a time. I like to envision my vagina pulling up to my belly button, and the app showed I was doing this correctly. After about 1.5 seconds, it was challenging to keep up the pressure. In between lifts, I had a couple seconds to rest.

The second exercise was to pulse repeatedly, which was much more difficult than anticipated. Seeing the geometric ball move on the screen and represent my Kegel strength, there was definitely work to be done.

Already challenged from the lifts, my vagina was not used to performing fast-action pulsing. In fact, I believe watching my progress on the app made me much more focused and competitive. I did everything in my power to see the geometric ball shoot up high, pace itself, and stay steady. I was determined to have the most powerful vagina on the app!
Continuing the workout prompts, it swiftly ended with rest and an overview of my stats collected. It wasn’t shabby for my first time, but it definitely wasn’t where I wanted to be. 

Always Room for Progress

The app gives me easy, daily goals that can be accomplished in 5 minutes. My competitive nature was fully tested, showing my vagina potentially has more drive than me trying to get to the gym.

Although I have a healthy pelvic floor, the Elvie Trainer app showed me that there’s the opportunity to be much stronger and efficient. The app gives me easy, daily goals that can be accomplished in 5 minutes. I put my competitive nature to the test, showing my vagina potentially has more drive than me trying to get to the gym. I feel like hospitals should hand an Elvie out to all new mamas, or ALL vagina-owning friends!


Something notable came after my intense Kegel workout–genital stimulation. After completing these exercises and putting my all into them, my clitoris and vulva were throbbing. It felt as if I had received stimulation beforehand, and I decided it would be a good time to masturbate. Taking my Le Wand Massager, it only took 3 glorious minutes to reach leg shaking climax. 

My orgasm felt so intense, and much more vibrant than most. My Kegel training provided so much circulation and stimulation that it really revved my sex drive and made me super sensitive.