Erectile Dysfunction Reduced w/ Fruit-Rich Diet

New study on link between diet and erectile dysfunction

A recent study by the American Society for Nutrition has found a link between a fruit-rich diet and a decreased risk of erectile dysfunction. It turns out that fruits rich in flavonoids like berries and citrus are very beneficial. Known for its anti-inflammatory effects, this is the first study to look at their impact on ED.

Men who consumed more antioxidant-rich fruits (including red wine) had lower risk of erectile dysfunction.

We have previously written about the benefits for men’s health of berries, as well as cruciferous vegetables, maca and avocado. Through studies like this recent one, it is becoming increasingly apparent how much diet and exercise can have an impact on a man’s quality of life, including his sexual life.

The researchers looked at data from 25,000 men, who reported on their health and lifestyle habits over a 10-year period. They were polled every four years on their sexual health, including instances of erectile dysfunction, as well as their diet and exercise habits.

As recently as May, we learned from a study at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston that coffee and the caffeine therein, can reduce the risk of ED. As this subject becomes more accepted and discussed, we can expect to see more studies of this kind, helping couples to maintain long-lasting, satisfying love lives.

Source: Fruit-Rich Diet Linked To Reduced Risk Of ED