From the Sheets to the Streets: Essentials for the Modern Day Revolutionary

By Kit Richardson

Revolutions are not planned. They are spontaneous; ignited by a chain of events. Now while we can’t always plan for the revolution, we can be prepared. Throughout history the personal has become political and politics have often been brought into the bedroom. The time has come to bring what we do in the sheets out onto the streets. Here are some essentials for self-care and protection while out protesting and resisting.  

For any protest, demonstration, or march you always want to be equipped with the necessary tools to help yourself and others.  

Lube It Up

It’s rare that a protest is stagnant. They move; you move; we move.  Marching long distances, especially in the heat, can cause painful and undesired chaffing in many areas including the thighs, under arms, labia, and breasts. Find yourself a great silicone lube to lather yourself up with pre, during, and post protest. Uberlube is a silicone based personal lubricant with Vitamin E. While it is designed for more intimate moments in the bedroom, Uberlube is key in preventing chaffing by creating a protective barrier for your skin.  It moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and silky, allowing for you to persist endlessly despite the weather or distance.  

Wrap It Up

Come rain or shine, a revolution, a movement, an idea, cannot be stopped. However, to protect your technology from the wetness of all types like rain or sweat from the blistery sun: non-lubricated condoms are a necessary investment in keeping your technology safe. Non-lubricated condoms keep your phones safe from whatever conditions could get it wet and damaged.  Going out to protest? Wrap it up! Keep it safe. Condoms also work great as ice-packs. Fill with water and let freeze. Once home, partake in some self-care and ice those swollen areas of the body and sore muscles.  

Wipe It Up

Toy cleaner is a vital addition to any pleasure product connoisseur’s toolbox. Cleaners are designed to keep products bacteria free and body safe. So it’s no surprise, that while both in a pandemic and marching in groups of 50,000 there’s going to be some germs. Bring along some cleansing wipes, like Swipes, to keep yourself and other’s clean. These unscented wipes are eco-friendly, all natural, and can be used on all parts of the body. Great for wiping off sweat and other body fluids, cleaning off shared water bottles, and keeping surfaces bacteria free. Swipes are designed to be used for clean up before and after intimate moments and there is nothing more intimate than fighting along side your fellow humans for change. 

Cup It Up

Revolutions are not planned and sometimes periods aren’t either.  Having a period should not prevent someone from engaging in their right to protest.  Protests can last for hours and sanitary products aren’t always safe to use for extended amounts of time. However, diva cups are the solution. Menstrual cups like Fun Factory’s Fun Cups can be used for up to 12 hours, emptied and cleaned, and then re-inserted for more protection.  They fit comfortably in the vagina and don’t cause irritation allowing the wearer to participate in all forms of protest for however long they feel.  All bodies deserve to be part of the revolution; bleeding and non-bleeding.   

CBD & Self Care

Protesting can be excruciating on both your mental and physical health and well-being. Loving and pleasing yourself is, in itself, a radical act. So invest in it. There are a few additions to your activist arsenal that are great to add to any after-care routine. CBD is known to have many positive benefits for the body. Helping relieve pain and anxiety while providing a positive sense of well-being, place a few drops of Privy Peach Break Free CBD Tincture  under the tongue for a well deserved chill out. For a more topical and direct solution, try a massage oil. Topicals are great because you can target areas of the body specifically versus a tincture that is spread throughout the body. Massage oils like the Bella Ollio per Massagio are CBD infused massage oils that can be used to address pain while melting away stress and tension. 

And Of Course, Vibe It Out

Pair with a vibrator, like the Le Wand Petite Vibrating Wand. Whether you want to soothe the aches and pains of a long day spent out protesting or looking to indulge in pleasure, wands offer strong vibrations to loosen muscles and to get you off.  There is no shame in engaging in pleasure during these times. In fact, engaging in sexual activity, solo or couple play, right now is crucial in restoring energy and releasing pain. Orgasms have been proven to lower blood-pressure, reduce stress, boost mood, and even improve brain function. Who doesn’t want to be 100% for the revolution?! 


If you are able, occupy the world and resist til change comes and then occupy oneself with some self-care.  

KIT RICHARDSON | Certified Sexual Pleasure & Health Educator

Kit Richardson,(she/her pronouns), is a NYC Based multi-certified Sexual Pleasure and Health educator with professional training in a wide realm of topics in regards to sex. As an International Conflict Resolution Specialist in war zones throughout the globe, Kit’s previous career with the United Nations inspired a unique perspective in her approach to sex education. With a focus on establishing guilt-free safe spaces this Sexpert takes pride in providing inclusive, pleasure based, and comprehensive sex ed to all. Believing in the freedom of sexuality and pursuit of pleasure, Kit has been working within the field of advocacy and sex for more than 10 years. And when not belting out Melissa Ethridge’s “Im the Only One” at the local karaoke dive bar Kit can be found marching side by side with her peers at a local protest or buried beneath a pile of the latest sex toys and lubes conducting…research! All with a gin martini, extra dry extra dirty in hand. 


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