FeMani Therapeutic Wands

Developed by a female physician, these therapeutic vibrators from FeMani include an easy-to-hold removable handle, three speeds, and different sized ends for use as recommended by a health care provider. The medical-grade smooth plastic is gentle on the body and can be used as a vibrating dilator, for help with orgasm, or for other sexual health purposes. They are available in sizes 1 and 2 (includes motor plus a size 1 and size 2 dilator) as well as sizes 2 and 3 (includes motor plus a size 2 and size 3 dilator).

FeMani Wands and Vaginal Atrophy

FeMani’s therapeutic wands are designed to help women who are experiencing Vaginal Atrophy due to conditions and situation such as Cancer care, Menopause or the use of oral contraceptives. Used together with products such as a natural lubricant like Intimate Earth Hydra and a lubricant “launcher” (to lubricate internally, as well as externally), these wands can be part of a comprehensive treatment. Your doctor may recommend the FeMani wand, in addition to other products, as a preferred treatment or if other treatments involving hormones or estrogen are not possible.


  • Size 1 diameter across is 3/4″, circumference around is 2 3/8″, insertable length is 6″
  • Size 2 diameter across is 1″, circumference around is 3 3/8″, insertable length is 6 1/4″
  • Size 3 diameter across is 1 3/8″, circumference around is 4 5/8″, insertable length is 6 1/5″

Recommended for:  Anorgasmia, Decreased Libido, Menopause, Cancer Care

Femani Wand Kit with sizes 1 & 2, Femani Wand Kit with sizes 2 & 3, $140.