How do erection rings work?

Erection rings, constriction rings, c-rings, cock rings, ED rings, penis rings, penis tension bands: these devices are all the same thing and all can be beneficial to men coping with varying forms of erectile dysfunction. They can also be a great enhancement to any man’s pleasure.

This week, we ask our resident intimate products expert, Kim Maty,

How do erection rings help and enhance a man’s sex life?

An erection ring is a great tool used to make an erect penis larger and firmer and is intended to keep it this way for an extended amount of time in order to delay and heighten orgasm. They work by constricting blood flow and keeping blood in the shaft of the penis. When a wearer does ejaculate, the sensation can be more intense, since it took a longer time to climax. For this reason, erection rings can be a great solution for men that are able to achieve an erection, but may be unable to maintain an erection for an extended period of time.

What are some of the different erection ring options?

Non-vibrating and vibrating

Non-vibrating: Savvy Enrich Erection Rings, Supersoft Silicone Erection Ring, Buddy Erection Ring

Vibrating: LELO Tor 2, Je Joue Mio Ring, Tork Vibrating Erection Ring, LELO Pino.

Non-adjustable or Adjustable/flexible

Non adjustable (Non-adjustable rings should be .25″ -.5″ smaller than the diameter of the penis.): Rings made of stainless steel, hard plastic, polished wood, rigid silicone. Savvy Enrich Erection Rings

Adjustable: Usually includes a strap that allows the user to wrap or adjust the tightness of the ring. Buddy Erection Ring

Flexible: Rings made of flexible silicone or TPR. Supersoft Silicone Erection Ring, LELO Tor 2, Je Joue Mio Ring, LELO Pino, Tork Vibrating Erection Ring.

How long can they be worn?

An erection ring should not be worn for longer than 20-30 minutes to avoid damaging the penis. If at any time, you feel discomfort or pain, take it off!

How should they be worn?

Erection rings can be worn only around the base of the penis or stretched to fit around both the penis and testicles. The wearer can try different options to find what works best for him.