Get Ziggy with It: Intimina Ziggy Menstrual Cup

I am a first time menstrual cup user so I was- I’m sure like many people with periods- hesitant to try to insert anything that didn’t have a mess-free, shiny plastic applicator. I had a positive experience with the Ziggy Cup, but I do think that if you feel more comfortable easing into it and having a handle to grab onto, I would recommend starting with one of the Lily cups instead.

The insertion went okay (definitely suggest a water-based lube for this – makes it SO much easier) and I thought I’d feel like something was *in there*, but I couldn’t feel a thing!! I read in another review to wear a panty liner the first few times, just in case you leak/fill the cup in less than 12 hours. Glad I did because I only got about 8 and had a little bit of leakage/spotting. Totally fine, I’m happy with 8 (And on a heavy day? Amaze-balls).

Another plus is this is reusable for potentially years, so I’m saving SO much money and precious bathroom shelf space! I did still have some cramps but they did somewhat hurt a little less, more of a rolling wave rather than a tsunami in my abdomen. You can apparently use these during intercourse- haven’t tried it yet, but I’m very intrigued and will be attempting next month!

Lastly with removal- this part slightly terrified me because I was worried it would get stuck and I couldn’t get it out…. it wasn’t bad at all! Realized my vagina isn’t a portal to another dimension, my cervix is only like a finger length from my vaginal opening so yay for learning about myself even in my 30’s! Note- it is messy to remove so I recommend at least the first time doing it in the shower, at least until you get the hang of it. And if you think you’ll ever have to remove it when you’re in public, make sure to take a flushable wipe pack with you (mostly for your hand).

End of the day, I’m super glad I got this, the Ziggy Menstrual Cup has totally changed my period game ❤

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Hi, my name is Briana! I live in Chandler AZ, have two dogs and just recently got engaged to my best friend and the man of my dreams. Recently, I started working in the sexual health and wellness industry, helping businesses obtain the best, most high-quality devices, books and enhancements on the market today. When I’m not working, I’m planning my wedding, watching hockey (go, Coyotes!), working out with my personal trainer or writing a children’s book inspired by my dogs, Rosco and Lucian. I love hanging out with friends, reading fiction novels and playing The Sims on the computer I built one summer in college.

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