Mindfulness Journals: The New Adult Stress Relief!

It’s normal for the hustle and bustle of life to get to us sometimes, we are only human!

It Starts With Us

While there are many ways to blow off steam, the most powerful method is to start with your mind. How can you work from the root of the problem? The issue at hand isn’t perhaps isn’t that life is inherently stressful. More often than not, we just need to learn how to slow down.

Slowing our brains is scientifically proven to improve our mood, energy, and overall performance. Envision a life of calm without being so frazzled all the time, nice right? Then again, that could be the overload of coffee to blame.



It’s good to care, but not healthy to get hung up on the small stuff. While things happen in our life, we have an active choice on how we choose to react. Our reactions determine our well being! If you’re on the pursuit for a Zen as F*ck life, this may be your go to!


Have that super honest family member that always gives you good feedback to change your bad habits? This journal is them, and is very powerful in self identifying our bad habits and emotions. A steady activity, we can all take 10 minutes a day with our morning coffee to work on ourselves!


Yes, Adult coloring is a thing: and what better way to blow off steam than coloring pretty swear words? Coloring helps focus the mind, and creates a state of flow. Flow is known as uninterrupted concentration on the task at hand- and we all need that.

The Feminist Coloring Book

This thoroughly cathartic, hilarious and informative activity has everything a woman needs. In Gemma Correll’s Feminist Activity Book, a dress-up doll can wear whatever she wants. The only thing limiting a woman’s sexuality is the size of her colored pencil collection. Welcome to the games, coloring projects, and crafts of a woman’s egalitarian dreams!

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