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Privy Peach’s Coco Jambo is for those looking to delve into the slick, moisturizing world of CBD. While known to be a heavy duty, CBD infused intimate butter… its CBD concentration of 300mg per jar is high enough to utilize Coco Jambo wherever you see fit. This Lubricant is perfect for exploratory play or those who just need more. This organic lube is long lasting and is a blend of hemp infused coconut oil, shea and coco butter. *This product may degrade latex and is not compatible with latex condoms.*

We had the pleasure of working with Noah Ashner, a registered nurse, gay health & lifestyle coach to review Coco Jambo!

“Unlike personal silicone lubricants, I have no experience with intimacy butter products but boy did this one set the bar high. Should I ever try another intimacy product, which I have a hard time thinking I will, it will certainly have a lot to live up to.

Being in a very physical and sexual male/male relationship, the product worked great for us in and out of the bedroom. Whether it’s our early morning workouts in the gym or our late night workouts in bed, Privy Peach’s intimate butter has found a place and a purpose in our routine.

With 300mg of full-spectrum CBD and additionally all-natural ingredients, this butter is incredibly hydrating with my naturally dry skin. It absorbs so easily and quickly without leaving my skin feeling greasy and slimy. Because it has such a great concentration of CBD, I personally enjoy using it after my hardest workouts and really massaging it into wherever I’m the sorest. 

CBD is known for its ability to increase blood supply in muscles while simultaneously relaxing them. The increased blood supply provides plenty of nutrients and oxygen that sore muscles need in order to recover properly. In addition to aiding tired muscles, it also smells great! It’s subtle enough to be noticed and enjoyed, but not aggressively overpowering like some mass-produced commercial products that just radiate a chemical toxin. No, this one is the perfect balance of natural oils that make you feel clean and fresh.

I’ve also found that this butter is great for setting the mood with your partner. Use it after a long day, or after a shower, and take just a dab and massage it into their shoulders, arms, feet, wherever strikes your fancy. Every time we’ve tried to “just massage” one another, it never seemed to stop at “just massage” and we aren’t complaining.

No matter the body part, surface, etc. this intimacy butter will have you feeling relaxed and recharged almost immediately.”

Noah B. Ashner

Registered Nurse, Gay Health & Lifestyle Coach

I am a Registered Nurse, studying to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach. I’m currently working on developing health and wellness plans geared towards gay men, as well as a few e-books! I’m passionate about helping people become physically, mentally, and sexually healthy.

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