Men Need Love, Too. Health Products for Men.

It’s true. Even if some don’t want to admit it, certain health products for men can enhance and enrich a love life (even if that love life might be going solo for a while!) Sometimes, a guy needs a little boost or an extra hand (so to speak). Fortunately, the explosion in research and technology has made it possible for fantastic health products for men. These products can help men maintain a healthy, well-rounded love life.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best. Start here and then search and experiment.

Pulse II Solo by Hot OctopussPulse II Solo

This popular device uses oscillations to stimulate a man with 5 pre-set vibration patterns. There’s really nothing else like it!  It can be held comfortably in the hand (like one of those silicone oven mitts) and provides intense vibrations on the underside, reacting to pressure. It’s great to use solo or with a partner. Remember, frequent orgasms can help reduce the chance of prostate cancer and this device would be happy to help.

Savvy Enrich Erection Enhancement RingsSavvy Enrich

So simple, yet so effective! These various-sized silicone enhancement rings are made of premium silicone and are very affordable. Wear one before arousal to help enhance and prolong an erection. Choose the size that fits best.

The Hardness Factor by Dr. Steven LammThe Hardness Factor

Dr. Steven Lamm’s groundbreaking book will change the way men live and love. Including science-based regimens of diet, exercise and supplements, Dr. Lamm will help men achieve a long, healthy sex life. Although not exactly a health product for men, this book investigates how products can enhance health and pleasure.

ON Sex Drive for Him by SensuvaON Sex Drive

All men can benefit by maintaining a natural, healthy level of testosterone. ON Sex Drive is the first product on the market to naturally increase a man’s desire. This product does not contain testosterone but includes natural ingredients such as Maca and Fenugreek that enhance and boost testosterone. If you’re feeling a bit shady about using a product that includes testosterone (or your partner is worried about coming in contact with it), then this is the solution for you!

Feeling a bit more adventurous? There are also health products for men for prostate stimulation (that can help with prostate health!) including the Aneros Eupho, Helix and MGX and the Savvy Splendid Massager that includes its own remote control.

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