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Learn your pelvic anatomy!

All we can say is WOW. Everything you ever needed to know about female pelvic anatomy is here. Including a rotating 3D vulva. This isn’t only good for health care providers and workers in the sexual health industry, it is great for their patients and anyone else who’d like to know more about themselves. We have the “pelvic guru,” Tracy Sher, to thank for this wealth of information. These links, along with our many books on sexual health, will provide you with all you’ll need to know (outside of the “field work” you’ll do on your own).

Ever wanted a resource with articles, pictures and videos of pelvic anatomy all in the same place? Here it is!  I’ve been putting this together for a while and am very excited to share this with you! This resource will  evolve and update as new, exciting links are found. The content ranges from basic articles to in-depth anatomical reviews.

Source: The Ultimate Pelvic Anatomy Resource: Articles, Links, and Videos, Oh My! | Pelvic Guru

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