Understanding Female Sexual Health with Dr. Sandra Bevacqua

Explore female sexual health in an online summit with a panel of experts

Join well-known experts in the field of female sexual health September 1-18, 2015. This free, online summit is moderated by Dr. Sandy Bevacqua who has focused on developing educational programs in the field of Holistic Women’s Health. Her programs have helped women better understand female sexual health including methods to recover from incontinence, prolapsed uterus, pelvic pain and other sexual dysfunction.

We will take a look at deeply rooted sexual shame and how it is passed down from mother to daughter across the generations. You’ll learn from our experts how to stop generational sexual shame in its tracks and begin the healing process. You’ll learn what goes on in the female mind and body that can derail libido and keep you from discovering what your body can do. Discover new erogenous zones and learn techniques to activate your voice to help you communicate your new discoveries to your partner.

Feel better about your sexuality!

If you are ready to move past feelings of shame and negativity to embrace a healthy, functional and freeing sense of sexuality, this summit is for you! Sessions are held at 4pm and 5:30pm PST, September 1-18 with replays available. Register on themysteryisover.com.

Source: The Mystery is Over! | Understanding Female Sexual Health with Dr. Sandra Bevacqua

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