Sit Down to Pee for Your Pelvic Floor Health

The Globe and Mail reveals how women’s pelvic floor health is supported by sitting down to pee, being aware of stress incontinence and post-urinary drip.

A lack of control when urinating is not normal for women, but there are treatments and ways to retrain your bladder to help eliminate the problem

Better to sit than to hover for pelvic floor health

For good pelvic floor health, it is important to let the pelvic floor muscles relax so the bladder can empty. This can’t happen if you’re hovering over the seat! Put down a seat cover or some toilet paper.

Physiotherapists can help with incontinence

Many women struggle with varying levels of incontinence. This could be due to the physical effects of childbirth, menopause and weakening pelvic floor muscles as we age. There is no need to accept this as fate. Talking to your doctor is the first step to create a path of physiotherapy, exercise and techniques to help.

Source: Why sitting down to pee is good for women’s pelvic floor muscles – The Globe and Mail