We-Vibe Touch Review

You would think that with the amount of vibrators that I own, they would all feel the same. WRONG. Each vibrator has its unique feel and purpose, which is why the We-Vibe Touch vibrator has made it onto my list of top 5 favorites. Not only is it fun-sized, it is also powerful, and great for solo play. But it’s extremely convenient for partner play as well!

Do I see….. stocking stuffer? Absolutely.


I was intrigued by the shape of the We-Vibe Touch. It isn’t similar to any other vibrator I’ve seen. There is a dip at the very top, which I have come to find out is quite convenient. Although made of silicone, it has to be the softest silicone toy I have touched in a long time, meaning it’s all the more comfortable on your vulva. It is completely waterproof and can be charged by an external magnet because you know, technology and sexual health are amazing!

Play Time

Usually, I test toys out on myself before I use them with a partner. This time, I went out on a limb and first tried this toy out during sex. Much to my surprise, this is an extremely powerful vibrator with deep, RUMBLY, vibrations.

Very quiet and ergonomic to the hand, the dip, or indent on the top of the We-Vibe Touch served its purpose. It fits perfectly over the clitoris. With other vibrators that don’t have a shape, you have to sometimes maneuver it in circles or find a comfortable position to enjoy its vibrations. With the We-Vibe Touch, all I had to really do was have myself or my partner hold it in place.

Being someone who has a hard time reaching climax during penetrative intercourse, I was surprised to reach not one, but two climaxes within 10 minutes of using this toy with penetration from my partner.

Final Thoughts

Because the silicone on the We-Vibe Touch was so incredibly gentle, I didn’t need lubricant to accommodate for friction. Whether you are experienced or not, you can use this toy with its wide range of settings. More importantly, it can be most effective if you have clitoral sensitivity or pain. The shape will accommodate the natural curves of your clitoris and vulva.