Keep it clean: toy and intimate cleansers

While simplicity is best for intimate cleansing, sometimes we want, or feel we need a little more. Fortunately, there are plenty of pH-balanced, natural and sometimes organic products women can use to keep it clean (no douching allowed!)

Keep Her Clean

When it comes to intimate cleansing, one brand immediately jumps to mind: Sweet Spot. This woman-owned company brings us natural scents and pH-balanced cleansers, sprays and wipes that are convenient and easy to use. Try their Unscented Balancing Mist anywhere on the body to brighten up the day. This formula contains absolutely no added scents or colors and contains botanicals like Grape Seed Extract, Pine Bark Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.

Anyone who’s ever had a workout and then had to quickly transition to a meeting or work without time for a shower can appreciate the handiness of the convenient, on-the-go Afterglow Cleansing Tissues. These popular pre-moistened cleansing tissues are made in the USA, pH-balanced, gentle on sensitive skin and naturally scented with bergamot oil. These tissues can also be used to clean intimate toys.

When you can get to a shower and you feel that water is not enough, avoid regular soaps which typically are not pH-balanced for a woman’s chemistry and can be too harsh. Good Clean Love Balance Moisturizing Wash smells fantastic and is oh-so gentle on the skin. Use it on your entire body for a superbly-fresh, clean feeling.

Clean and Lube

While not a cleanser, Intimate Organics Defense is a lubricant made with Sea Kelp and Guava Bark to work with the body without disrupting healthy microflora. As their name claims, they are certified organic and vegan.

Keep it Clean

In order to maintain good vaginal health, it’s important to assure that any toy or device that comes in contact with that area be clean too. To start, always clean a new toy before its first use to remove any residue left from manufacturing.  Then, try either the Intimate Organics Green Tea Tree Oil Foaming Toy Cleaner or LELO’s Antibacterial Toy Cleaning Spray. Both of these products provide antibacterial protection. Intimate Organics can be used with water and LELO can sit right by your bedside with a clean cloth to clean your toy before and after use.

Keep it Real

We know that preventing infection and keeping up good vulvo-vaginal health can be accomplished by gently cleaning with water on the outside and no internal cleansing. But, we are glad that products like the ones mentioned here consider a woman’s biology, lifestyle and preferences so that she can choose what works best for her. Do you ride your bike every day? Maybe wipes are what you need. Do you feel most body washes are too harsh on your skin? An intimate moisturizing wash might be the perfect alternative. Many of these products exist to improve on a woman’s vulvo-vaginal health with organic, natural, pH-balanced ingredients and to replace the outdated and unhealthy products that existed before them.