5 Sexy Pride Favorites

While Pride is celebrated every June, we believe in celebrating it all year round. Love is love, and you should have the right to love whoever, whenever. We must give great thanks to those before us who pioneered our freedoms, especially Black, trans women like Marsha P. Johnson. Spearheading the Stonewall Riots, Marsha’s throw of a brick is what’s led us to having Pride Parades today.

With the hard work of these pioneers, the adult space has grown more than ever with inclusive and diverse sexual toys. Inclusive to all partners and bodies, it’s important to explore pleasure on our own terms. Whether you’re riding solo, with a partner, or simply want to explore new forms of stimulation- we have it all. Here are 5 of our pride faves!

Together Couples Vibrator

Together was designed with its unique W shape that is equipped with the ability to provide a real-time-feedback response for couples engaged in play. Utilizing the kegel muscles, pleasure can be applied to one of the generous outer-arms of together in order to mirror that sensation in the other outer-arm of the device.

Tantus Silk Dildo

Safe to use as a dilator, perfect choice for a first dildo, or stap on! This line will allow you to safely try a new experience. The Silks are available in three sizes that are smooth, body-safe silicone made in the USA. Tantus Silk Dildos can fit in any SpareParts or other harnesses. Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, hygienic, boilable, bleachable and dishwasher safe.

Anal Massage & Education Kit

Experiment with fingers and hands-on products to try pleasure play with different shapes and sizes of anal-designed toys for next level sensations.  To ensure you have the best experience, be sure to read the included Guide to Anal Massage & Pleasure – a comprehensive, pleasure and educational focused book with how-to guides to help users of all experience levels. 

SpareParts Tomboi Harness

The most comfortable harness you can find, Tomboi is about play on your own terms. With a bold attitude and athletic cut, they deliver a comfortable, sexy solution with internal mini-vibe pockets (vibes not included) stitched above and below the O-ring, just beyond bodily contact, to send the perfect pulse of pleasure to both partners.

Aneros Helix SYN Trident

A thin design and velvet-touch silicone makes the Aneros Helix Syn Trident a perfect choice for men trying prostate massage for the first time. The Aneros Helix Syn Trident consists of a solid inner frame originally designed as the world’s first anatomically-configured, hands-free prostate massager

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