The Truth About Intimate Massagers: some myths debunked

Questions about Vibrators?Don’t go another day of 2015 not knowing the truth! Myths and misconceptions about vibrators have left too many women (and men) in the dark about the benefits of these devices while eliminating a very viable avenue for achieving greater pleasure in their intimate lives. Here, we try to debunk some of the bigger misconceptions about vibrators and their use.

Can people become addicted to vibration?

The concern here is that if people try vibration, they might never be satisfied with sex or other stimulation with their partner. The best way to explain this is that we teach our bodies to respond sexually to certain types of stimulation. If the same thing is done over and over, the body will learn to respond to that. As long as the types of stimulation vary, (penetration, manual stimulation, other vibrators, etc,) a person will not become “addicted” to a specific type. The good news is that the body can always be retrained to respond sexually to something else.

Can vibrators replace a partner?

Vibrators are not replacements; they’re accessories! Vibrators are inanimate objects that people cannot create relationships with, or create intimacy with. Instead, they can help create intimacy between couples when used during lovemaking.

What happens if I tried it once and didn’t like it?

Keep an open mind and try everything at least three times before deciding. Hormonal changes throughout the month change a woman’s sensitivity. Different angles and positions can also create different effects to discover. Also, be careful of personal recommendations because what is great for one person may be very different for another person.  

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