5 Relaxing Intimate Self Care Tips

This Friday is Self Care Day, and it’s no secret that we self care year round at MedAmour. We believe that in order to truly enjoy life, we have to start with ourselves first. How can we care for our bodies better? Our mental health? Find relaxation in this chaotic world? While intimate health products serve their purpose, they also contribute to all parts of our lives. Here are 5 of our favorites for the perfect self-care rituals.

1.Eat a CBD Gummy

When ingested, CBD can be very healing. It can help us mentally and physically relax- and can be consumed throughout the day when needed. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t cause the effect of feeling “high” or intoxicated. On the contrary, it can help you feel more relaxed and focused. We recommend our CBD Gummies, which are dangerously delicious. Taking 1-2 a day helps us feel grounded, focused, and relaxed AF.

2. Strip Away Worries In the Shower

There is something to be said about tending to our physical body, and how rewarding that is. Lathering up in the shower with our Sliquid Splash Grapefruit Thyme Bodywash, and doing a CBD Sugar Scrub for dead skin are some of our faves. CBD can also be absorbed topically, helping those tense muscles relax. If you have more time, consider a CBD bath bomb to soak in instead for maximum benefit. If you’re addicted to this bath time routine, you can totally blame us!

3. Lube It Up

Lube isn’t just for sex, it can be used in many ways! Applying some CBD lubricant, like GoLove CBD, onto your vulva after a long bath or shower can help keep the skin moisturized and happy. If you experience regular vulvar pain, this can be of relief as well. Silicone based lubricants like Migliori can be used on damp hair to reduce frizziness, especially in these hot and humid climates.

4. Give Yourself the Amazing Massage

Vibrators aren’t just for sex, they can work out those tough neck kinks too! We love to complete our bath routine, plop on the couch with a good show, and massage our necks with a powerful wand. Our faves our Le Wand Massager or Doxy Massager for strong and relaxing vibes that ease away tension. Have time? Combine with a Bella CBD Massage Oil to really work into your skin and tight muscles.

5. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Oh yes, your mental health is just as important as your physical when it comes to Self-Care. We empower ourselves by practicing mindfulness, with an added flare of humor. We keep it Zen As F**K or look to Let That Sh*t Go, because these fun workbooks can be done wherever! You’ve let off the steam, make sure to also call a friend, read a fave book, or simply enjoy some delicious food. You deserve all the good things in life.

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