Ohnut Wearable Rings: A Gamechanger for Painful Sex

Ohnut Wearable Rings with packaging

Many women are not strangers to painful sex. Many of us will experience some form of painful sex throughout the course of our lifetime. Thankfully, Ohnut Wearable Rings was created by visionary Emily Sauer to help address this all-too-common issue.

For many, painful sex is caused by being penetrated too deeply by your partner. This can make certain positions, speeds, or the entire act of sex a daunting task because you fear the pain that comes with deeper penetration. Even if your partner isn’t technically penetrating too deeply, there are still a number of sexual health conditions that make normal penetration painful such as Endometriosis, Vaginismus, PCOS, and other forms of Dyspareunia

Although I haven’t dealt with painful sex my entire sexually-active life, I have definitely had experiences where penetration was just too complicated to handle, given my partners anatomy. I want to have enjoyable sex, and not feel as if my cervix is being prodded the entire time! 

Ohnut Wearable Rings

Ohnut Wearable Rings with packaging

Given the new age we live in, we are fortunate that sexual health is coming to the limelight and we are starting to find solutions for women. When it comes to issues of deep penetrative pain, it isn’t uncommon for doctors to not take this issue seriously- but Ohnut does. Ohnut are soft, stretchy, stackable rings that are worn on the base of your partners penis as a “buffer” or barrier between your vaginal canal, and the amount of depth you receive in penetration. 

Ohnut Rings and some encouraging packaging
Some encouraging words from Ohnut’s packaging

When you receive your Ohnut, it includes 4 rings that you can stack onto each other. Ohnut is compatible with silicone and water based lube. It is also Phthalate-, Latex-, and BPA free, earning its way as an FDA-approved product, and pelvic doctor favorite. 

Using Ohnut

1 Ohnut Ring

I wanted to take my time with Ohnut, and explore its different range of feelings while stacking the soft, stretchy rings. Picking out one of my longer penetrative toys, I used Bella’s CBD-based Silicone Lubricant to slide the first ring all the way to the base of my toy. Remember, lube is essential for a human partner since the Ohnut is acting as an extension to the vagina, and you don’t want to hurt the skin. This will create the same pleasurable feeling of penetration for them as well!

Ohnut ring placed on a vibrator
One ring of the Ohnut on a device

With just one ring on duty, I noticed an instant incredible difference as to how the toy’s penetration felt. It very clearly stopped it from going any further into my vaginal canal in a very comfortable motion. My biggest fear was that the constant bumping of the Ohnut against the vulva would cause irritation, but it wasn’t so. The Ohnut is so incredibly soft, that the pressure to my vulva actually felt pretty nice. Onto the next!

2 Ohnut Rings

When you slide the second ring down, you must make sure to get the thinner rim of the second ring underneath the base of the first ring, as pictured. Ohnut is made so well that there is absolutely no slippage between the rings. The rings stay stable on the shaft.

Ohnut Wearable Rings showing 2 rings
Be sure to slip the edge of the second ring under the first ring
Ohnut shown with 2 rings
The Ohnut shown with two rings, joined

Having the same experience as the first ring, I noticed a CLEAR difference in my feeling of depth and penetration. With this toy, the two rings felt the most comfortable for me. I felt as if I could enjoy penetration without worrying about putting too much pressure on my cervix, or having any uncomfortable pokes. The rings still felt incredibly comfortable when making contact with my vulva. 

3-4 Ohnut Rings

When applying 4 rings, it decreased the penetrative potential of my toy in half. In my personal experience this was a bit too much coverage of the toy, and it took away from the penetrative experience. With that being said, the capacity of 4 rings is actually beneficial for those who experience more pain, and can only enjoy shallow penetration.

Ohnut Wearable Rings shown with all 4 rings
Ohnut shown with all 4 rings


While this was a very nice tool for me to enjoy penetration comfortably, it may actually be ESSENTIAL for some couples.

When women experience significant pain from penetration, they may avoid it altogether and avoid sex with their partners. With Ohnut, these women now have the possibility to reconnect their sex lives, and receive a comfortable amount of penetration. Not only do the rings reduce depth in penetration, but they are soft and flexible enough to still translate pleasure to your partner. The feel of the rings against your vulva is also non-abrasive. This means you can enjoy penetrative sex at any depth, and at any length of time.

If you are struggling with painful penetration, don’t despair! There is no reason to automatically disqualify yourself from penetration when a product like the Ohnut is available to you. Your level of comfort, pleasure, and health matter! The Ohnut finally allows partners to explore and enjoy, without the pain.

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