New LELO products on sale added to MedAmour

A continual leader in quality intimate products for men and women, LELO is now offering new LELO products in a summer sale. MedAmour is now carrying the Lily 2, Nea 2, Loki Wave, Ina Wave and Mona Wave at prices that are too good to pass up! All LELO products are USB rechargeable, made of body-safe ABS plastic or silicone and are fully waterproof.

Lily 2 & Nea 2

Improving upon its popular original, the Lily 2 is one of the most unique LELO products because it has scent infused directly into its material. Both the Lily 2 and Nea 2 are favorite clitoral massagers among solo and paired users alike. Their petite design (both sized and shaped the same) offers strong vibrations which can be used all over the body, or nestled between partners during intercourse. These adorably petite vibrators are USB rechargeable, silky-smooth and includes eight vibration patterns.

Mona Wave

The beautiful contoured shape and pointed tip of this massager, along with its Wave MotionĀ  come-hitherĀ  movement, make it a great device for internal or G-Spot exploration, helping some women with orgasming for the very first time.Wave Motion technology, part of several new LELO products, moves the end of the device back and forth, in addition to ten stimulation modes.

Ina Wave

The Ina Wave, like the Mona Wave, utilizes LELO’s Wave Motion technology but provides both internal and external vibration. Its slim, smooth design and ten stimulation modes is perfect for women seeking simultaneous clitoral and internal stimulation. This can be very beneficial for women experiencing vaginal or clitoral atrophy due to childbirth, menopause or cancer treatment.

Loki Wave

Thanks to its innovative WaveMotion technology, Loki Wave is the ultimate new pleasure product for men, curling back and forth in a beckoning, come-hither motion for the most satisfying prostate massage. Ten satisfying vibrating settings from two perfectly placed motors combine for simultaneous prostate and perineum massage. Stimulation of the prostate is known to help men prevent an enlarged prostate, which can contribute to erectile dysfunction or lead to prostate cancer.