Bliss CBD Intimate Oil Review

*Due to stocking and production issues, we are struggling to carry BLISS CBD Intimate Oil. We recommend using GoLove CBD Lubricant as a better alternative.*

If there is anything with cannabis in it, I need to have it. And CBD intimate oil or lubricant isn’t any different. 

Bliss CBD Intimate Oil for relaxation and lubrication

Cannabis in all its forms has helped me evolve as a person. At 16 years old, I was able to leave antidepressants and anxiety behind with the help of CBD. Using THC tinctures to help me get through surgery pains convinced me it is truly the magic plant. Of course, to my surprise last year, I found out this extended to my 2nd favorite liquid substance behind water… lubricant! (Rose is a close 3rd).

Cannabis… for Your Vagina?

That is absolutely correct! Just like cannabis-based products can help treat pain and anxiety, its topical sister does the same for your vagina and vulva. Most lubricants with cannabis on the market carry CBD, which is legal in all states and most countries. CBD is the part of cannabis that doesn’t have psychoactive effects (known as THC). Many people choose it since they would like to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without experiencing “highness” or an altered state of mind. 

CBD intimate oil, when applied topically to the vagina and vulva, works wonders. It is known for decreasing inflammation, heightening sensation, promoting blood flow, and promoting relaxation to the pelvic floor muscles. As you can imagine, this is a lifesaver for anyone who is experiencing vaginal pain, or simply having a dry spell. No matter the problem, CBD in lubricant form is here to help. 

Just like THC, CBD Comes in Different Amounts

The more CBD, the higher the strength. Last year, I started to use Bella’s CBD water-based lubricant which has also come out in silicone and hybrid form. One bottle of this lubricant has 100mg of CBD in a 6 ounce bottle, which is adequately dosed. People who have followed me this year have raved about how intensely this lubricant has changed their lives, leading to sex with more comfort and pleasure.

But… there are some women who simply need more added comfort. Things like extreme vaginal dryness, vaginismus, or inflammation may require a dose much higher than the one provided in the Bella CBD Lubricant. There are some of us (me) who simply are dying to know what our sexual experience would feel like with an even more concentrated dose.


Bliss CBD Intimate Oil, 2oz/250mg

When Lily, our boss babe here at Medamour, handed me Bliss CBD Intimate Oil, I almost screamed. This 2 OUNCE bottle, has 250MG OF CBD. Let’s do the math here:

  • Bella CBD Lubricant: 100mg CBD/ 6 ounces = 16.6 mg of CBD per ounce. 
  • Bliss CBD Intimate Oil: 250mg CBD/ 2 ounces = 125 mg of CBD per ounce

That is almost 8 TIMES the concentration of CBD per ounce. If that alone doesn’t tell you how strong this lubricant is, I don’t know what does. Numbers don’t lie!

On top of that, the key ingredients in this lubricant are classics for clitoral, vulvar, and vaginal stimulation and soothing. Peppermint Oil, Black Pepper Oil, L-Arginine are key ingredients in stimulating the clitoris and vulva (and they actually help with the promotion of natural lubrication). MTC Oil, the main ingredient, is the fattiest part of coconut oil. This means ultimate lubrication and glide when having penetrative intercourse. To kick it off… it does have a small (and perfectly legal) amount of THC inside (.3%), meaning you are taking your vaginal cannabis experience to a whole other level. 

Basically, Bliss CBD Intimate Oil is big talk. Let’s see what it can really do. 

The Full Experience 

For starters, as indicated on the label, Bliss is NOT condom compatible. This is due to the lubricant having MTC Oil, which can sadly degrade latex and promote higher chances of the condom breaking. There are certain condoms you can use with oil-based lubricants, such as polyurethane condoms. 

Bliss CBD Intimate Oil shown with a LELO Ina
Bliss CBD Intimate Oil shown with the LELO Ina Wave

For the most thorough experience, I decided to test this on myself during masturbation. My toy of choice today was the lovely Lelo Ina Wave, paying homage to the first toy Medamour ever gave me!

Read Instructions. 

The bottle says to shake up the product, apply to vulva and vagina, and wait at least 15 minutes for its effects to kick in. Since it is a coconut oil base, keep in mind it is affected by temperature. If it gets too hot, it will be slightly more oily than if you keep it in a solid 70-degree environment (and vice versa). 

First Thoughts

When applying, there is no denying that the consistency of this lubricant is like liquid silk. It is unlike any other lubricant I have felt. You can smell the peppermint in this product immediately, followed by a very light cannabis scent. I quite like the cannabis scent because I know the lube is natural and they haven’t mixed in any strange additives to give it a smell. 

After about 5 minutes, it was clear that my clitoris was starting to tingle and feel a “minty fresh” feel from the peppermint. To my surprise, My vulva all together started to feel very warm and aroused as if I had been engaging in foreplay. My only question is, did they say wait 15 minutes for it to actually kick in… or to give you the surprise of a lifetime when it works and your vulva is stimulated with absolutely no work on your part? 

Action Time

After the arranged 15 minutes, it is clear that my vulva is ready for full action. I could only describe this level of stimulation as if I had received 30 minutes of really great oral sex, and I am just ready to burst with pleasure. I haven’t even touched myself yet, and my vulva is already on the edge of pleasure. Laying down, my entire pelvis is completely relaxed, and I can literally feel even the slightest movement of air against my vulva. Think eagle vision, but for your vulva’s feelings. 

Before inserting a toy, I like to see how lubricated I am so I can apply more lube if needed. To surprise me even further, this lubricant had stimulated me so much that my natural lubrication was essentially starting to pour out of me… so no additional lube would be needed. 

The thicker base of the Lelo Ina Wave went in so smoothly, without me needing to be careful or inserting slowly. Completely relaxed and comfortable, my vagina felt ready to take on the action and I did not have to ease myself into the higher levels of vibrations of the toy. The external arm of the toy rested gently against my clitoris, which was stimulated beyond compare. 

A Pleasant Surprise

Traditionally, I would need to move the toy around or provide rhythm to have it hit my clitoris just right. This time, I only had to masturbate for about 5 minutes total until I climaxed without even having to move the toy or adjust it. Hands free, babe!

My climax was almost indescribable. I saw stars when this explosion of pleasure crept up on me so fast. Usually, before orgasm, you may feel some tension in your legs, your vulva, or lower stomach–a sign that your climax is about to come. Instead, with this lubricant I was blissfully enjoying the feeling and got hit with the sweetest, warm, and leg shaking orgasms I have had in a VERY long time. While I really love this toy, it has never done that to me before. Clearly, the lubricant did what it was supposed to. 


While I don’t have vaginal problems, I do suffer from occasional dryness. I find that with my stress levels, it can be hard to lubricate easily even if I am turned on. It was such a relief to see that this lubricant relaxed my vulva and vagina, while stimulating my natural resources to flow effortlessly. 
The toy never felt uncomfortable. On the contrary, I was so relaxed that penetration was easy. Did I last very long during this masturbation session? Absolutely not, but that is okay because I was “Blissed” out. 

Afterward, my vulva and vagina felt amazing all day long. The oil-based blend absorbed into my skin and acted as a wonderful moisturizer for my vulva for the rest of the day. 

I could only imagine how this ultra-concentrated dose of CBD Intimate Oil would be beneficial to vagina owners who are seriously suffering from symptoms that make pleasure or penetration painful, uncomfortable, or who simply can’t get stimulated. It’s quality and concentration, plus amazing effects, give merit to the higher price and rank that this lubricant has on my list. 

While I found my Bliss, I hope you can too!

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