Bella CBD Lubricant Review: Solve Your Intimate Discomfort

It would be pretty bold to say a product is revolutionary, even life changing for some.

Being someone who has struggled with hormonal changes and stress, there are many times sex became daunting. From not being able to self lubricate, let alone relax, intercourse could be a very painful and uncomfortable encounter. Normal lubricants could help with the self lubrication issues, but they didn’t solve the underlying discomfort that some of us may experience.

When the ladies at MedAmour sent me the Bella CBD lubricant, they said it would be ideal for women with various conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, etc. Even if you don’t have these conditions, they said it could be a great way to experience new sensation and pleasure.

First Impressions

From first view, the bottle and packaging is absolutely beautiful–it screams high quality. What made me very excited is that this is a water based lubricant, meaning I can use it with any toy I own regardless if it is silicone. When opening the cap, I pumped out a pea size amount onto my hand to observe the texture and smell. For us sensitive people, you’ll be happy to know the lube is unscented. I hate using lubes that smell strongly of silicone or some fake “flavored” smell. It glided easily across the top of my hand, and felt like an incredible moisturizer without leaving a sticky residue. Of course, this means it had my green light to actually use on my vulva!

CBD Lubricant with Toys

I have tried the Bella CBD lubricant with the We Vibe Sync, but for this review I used LELO Ina Wave to test out how it worked internally and externally. Since it is a CBD product, I applied a dime size amount of lubricant onto my vulva and relaxed for 10 minutes so I could observe any instant effects. At about the 5 minute mark, I started to notice that my vulva felt warm and tingly–as if I was aroused, but without any actual stimulation (hallelujah!). This held very true for their claim of increasing blood flow, which would be a blessing for many of us ladies who have trouble with arousal. I was intensely surprised at the 5 minute mark of internal stimulation. For lack of better terms, I couldn’t believe my vagina!

At the 5 minute mark of internal stimulation, I felt a deeply warm feeling take over my entire vagina. All my pelvic muscles felt completely relaxed. I had absolutely no pain or discomfort with the internal arm of the LELO Ina Wave. With this relaxation, it was clear that my sensation was about 50% higher than it would have been with a standard lubricant. It didn’t take long to reach climax with this heightened sensation as the build up was intense. My orgasm lasted 15-20 seconds longer than my standard ones, and felt much more powerful than anything I have ever felt before. I have found many times in my past with stress that my orgasms felt “bland” or “numb.” What an incredible new sensation! Afterwards, there was no sticky residue with the Bella CBD lubricant and I felt as if my vulva was extremely moisturized as a nice bonus.

Will I Use it Again?

All in all, I had an amazing time with this lubricant and it has to be my all-time favorite. More importantly, I experienced an astonishing level of pelvic relaxation. This will change the life of many women who struggle to have sex because of pain and discomfort. As human beings, we all deserve the right to have intimate satisfaction and pleasure–which this lubricant can aide in.

Here is one of my follower’s anonymous reviews:

“This stuff literally has changed my life! My boyfriend and I got it as a last resort to help with my pain during intercourse, and I am not disappointed. The first day we used it, we had sex 3 times in a 6 hour period. It was amazing and I will never anything else ever again!”