7 Unique Gifts for Friends, Lovers and You

Ah, the holidays: let the frenzy of presents, food, parties and over extending yourself begin. Or, not. You don’t have to let the holidays turn you into a crazed people-pleaser. However, a certain level of decorum is traditionally required. It’s fun to give unique gifts to your partner, your friends and, yes, even yourself this holiday season.

We are so close to saying goodbye to 2018, wouldn’t it be nice to give it the farewell it deserves? Whether the last 12 months have treated you like a champ or has you feeling like you’ve been through the wringer, a few unique gifts and treats will close this year’s door on a high note.

Here are 7 ways you can treat your partner, your friends and even yo fine self to some good vibes (among other things).

Discrete yet intense. Not unlike eggnog:

Sola Wellness Set massager is one of our 7 unique gifts for 2018

Perfect for your BFF who is impossible to buy for, this supa dupa cute massager wellness set can sit on the bed stand while it recharges. This vibrator is great for getting out the knots…well, anywhere. The Swedish Sleeve allows for a deep massage, while the Shiatsu Sleeve can focus on tightness. It’s modern, it’s lightweight and guess what? Waterproof. You just won BFF of the decade, sista.

The gift that gets the “Omigosh I LOVE it!” result:

Provocatife Hemp Shaving Cream is one of our 7 unique gifts for 2018

This one is great if you are looking to spoil yourself, need to send a hint to a parent or partner on what you would love to have, or need something for a that “extra” friend who lives for unwinding. Our Sensuva Provocatife Hemp Oil Shave Cream will leave skin feeling super soft everywhere! It comes packed with hemp oil, known to encourage new skin cell generation, wheat germ and ginseng. You’ll skin will be singing and begging to be touched.

What you absolutely need to give your mom friends for putting up with your whining:

Mommy Drinks Because You Cry coloring book

Have a child under the age of say, 16 or so in your life? If you do, you probably have some mom friends or a support network with whom you share all your annoyances about homework, bedtime routines or the sassy back talk you take daily from your cherished angel. Here’s a chance to say thanks to those who really “get” this side of you. This humorous coloring book gives you a reason to chill and bond with those who won’t judge you for the dirty dish pile in the sink. Get a babysitter and color yourselves to bliss.

Kick it old school and enjoy an old friend with a modern update:

Le Wand rechargeable massager

Le Wand Vibrating Wand, has always been there for you. This modern twist on the tried and true wand-style vibrator will have you enjoying its varied and customized patterns of pleasure. With ten vibration levels, this sophisticated tool features a silver, sleek look that will make you feel like the queen you really are. It’s fully rechargeable so you won’t have to worry about plugging it into the wall. You deserve it.

Something you need, but also want:

Grapefruit Thyme intimate and all over body wash

For feeling, and getting clean all over, check out this intimate cleanser that has all the stuff you need and none of the stuff you don’t. Created by a female-focused company, Sliquid Splash Intimate Cleanser will remove odor causing bacteria while keeping your pH in check. Use it as an overall body wash for a luxurious experience; the grapefruit thyme essential oil used for scent will have you feeling motivated and ready to take on anything the day throws at you. Get one for you and one for your gal pal.

Bring this to the white elephant gift party and go down in history:

Cannabis Massage Oil in a light vanilla scent

This massage oil will more than likely get a few raised eyebrows at any gift-giving fete, but seriously, who wouldn’t secretly want this? It contains NO THC, but does contain a sweet almond oil that will help induce a calm and relaxing state (with or without clothes). It contains seven vitamins, is 100% organic and will produce thrills with every. Single. Touch.

Something to keep in your back pocket:

Truth or Dare for Couples game

Have you recently gone out with your partner and then found yourself talking about work, the kids, politics or even climate change? It’s hard to get out of a rut when life can drag you down. This fun truth or dare game can help solve that problem. Pull out these questions and challenges in order to end the night on a high note. You’ll either end up talking about illicit experiences and desires or skinny dipping in a hotel pool. Whatever happens, you won’t be thinking about how much you hate your boss.