Dripping in Love: Massage Candle 101

Massage candles may seem like a daring move- do they burn? Is this a kinky thing? How does one enjoy them?

While dripping wax may be seen as a sensual nuance, a massage candle is simply a new way to play with your massage experience.

The Massage Candle 101

Sensual massage candles differ greatly from a normal candle, melting at lower point. This makes it so the dripping oil doesn’t burn the skin as compared to a traditional candle (don’t try this at home!) Normal wax has a higher heating point, making it dangerous to drip on skin if not educated. It’s wax vs oil content can adhere to the skin adversely, and most certainly can’t be used for massage.

Often times made from a soy bean or coconut base, these candles include a myriad of nourishing oils that you would traditionally find in massage oils. Ranging from unscented to very aromatic, most massage candles are friendly for all skin types. We recommend only dripping a small couple of drops to test out your reaction first.

Building Intimacy

Olivia’s Boudoir French Vanilla Candle

Building intimacy is a must in any partnership, whether new or ongoing. Massages are one of the most common acts we think of when getting intimate with our partners- touch is essential to the human design. The element of touch doesn’t have to be sexual, and is rather beneficial in building bonds from infancy to adulthood.

A romantic partner could get a great surprise if presented with the option of light sensation play. Why get a normal massage when you can put a sexy twist to it? The element of gentle, hot wax stimulates our sense of touch. Heightening our receptors, the element of unknown surprise can also psychologically entice us.

How To Use

“Allow the candle to melt to the outer edge of the glass. Extinguish the flame, dip into the liquid pool of warm oil and drizzle the warm oil onto your partners skin for a sensual massage.” , Olivia’s Boudoir suggests. After you drizzle onto your partner’s skin, flatten your hands and spread the oil onto the area evenly. Move your hands in circular directions, then gently knead the palms into the muscles to help the oil absorb into the skin.

Communicate with your partner, and ask them when movements feel good for them, or what tense spots they would like attended to. A common place to start would be your partner’s back, then you can move on to arms, legs, etc. You can sensually incorporate this massage by giving attention to erogenous zones your partner appreciates; thighs, neck, breasts.

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