We-Vibe Vector + Toca Review

A dear follower and friend of ours, @tactical on Insta, has written a lovely review for us on We-Vibe’s Vector Prostate Massager and Toca Toto CBD Lubricant! Thank you beautiful friend!

We-Vibe Vector Medamour

“I was so excited to try the Toca Toto CBD Lubricant after hearing my favorite educators rave about it. The first thing I noticed was that even the packaging feels good in my hands- so far so good. I pumped a little onto my fingers, rubbed it around, and took a big whiff. The smell is intoxicating- it’s a fresh but light hemp fragrance that woke my senses and had me tingling already.

Solo Play

The feel is light and clean, not a goopy jelly like so many cheap, drugstore lubes. It‘s obvious that Toto is made with love and a lot of attention to detail. Texture- such a light but smooth, silky feeling – I pumped a little more and eagerly applied to my vulva and OMG. It felt amazing, nothing has ever felt so smooth and good. I just wanted to rub and massage all over. And I did. Way better than $100 whole body massage.

I basked in that experience for about 10 minutes before deciding to bring a toy along for the ride. It just so happens I also had a brand new We-Vibe Vector that was all charged up and calling to me. Anal play requires proper lubrication (not optional), so I grabbed the Toto and pumped it directly on to the lower part of my vagina and made sure to work it to my anus. The pump on the Toto bottle is perfect for measured and precise application– another pleasant surprise!

Using the excess lube from my hand, and another small pump, I lubed up the Vector, turned it on, took a cleansing breath, and started. Before inserting anything into your anus, you may want to warm up with something smaller like a finger, which I always do mainly to ensure proper lubrication.

We-Vibe Vector Is For Every Body!

We-Vibe Vector has an amazing, slightly angular shape that feels incredible going in. The texture of the toy, paired with Toto, made for a silky and sensual introduction of this new toy. I played with different angles and placements for the textured perineum stimulator; but, ultimately decided that wasn’t my favorite feature. I was so excited to try the Vector that I completely forgot about the app and the remote; but I wasn’t disappointed.

I have all the settings a run through- different patterns of vibration can be so fun and I definitely enjoyed the new sensation from each setting. One of my most favorite things is how quiet the Vector is without compromising on power. It’s definitely ready for the job! I added a wand to the mix and had an incredible orgasm after about 7 minutes of play. I didn’t stand a chance! Vector is incredibly comfortable and at no point did I feel like it was about to pop out!


The real test – and what I was MOST excited about was later that night when it was time to play with my partner. I should share that I felt incredible the whole day by keeping a little of the Toto on my vulva. I’ll never go another day without applying a little bit – it’s so comfortable and moisturizing.

I’ll be really honest, the experience I had with my partner, pairing the Toto and the Vector with intercourse was so mind blowing that I don’t really have the words for it.

“It is, without question, the best orgasm of my entire 41 year old life.”

So, I’ll just share what I told Lily, CEO and Boss Babe at Medamour, immediately after I came back to my senses (which took a while) :

“I just had one of the best orgasms of my life using the WeVibe vector and the Toto lube. Like. It took me 20 minutes to come back to my body. I had multiple consecutive/rolling orgasms after on major, out of body orgasm.”

Toto wasn’t sticky, didn’t dry out, and aced a vigorous session, making it all the more pleasurable for both of us. We have since used the Toto numerous times and something else we noticed is how fresh the smell is after sex. While we both enjoy that “sex smell”- Toto does neutralize it and leaves just the faint, sweet scent of hemp, which we’ve decided we love!

Memories to Share

My partner LOVED the strong vibration he could feel on his penis while inside my vagina with the Vector in my rectum. He definitely had a memorable orgasm too – nothing better than two memorable orgasms together. He’s the picky one when it comes to the taste of lube- he basically hates all of them and prefers the natural taste of my vagina; but, he didn’t make a strange face at Toto, so we’ll call that a win!

We can’t wait to try even more fun with the We-Vibe, including the partner-controlled app feature! Ah!”

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