Dame Eva 2 Vibrator Review

Impressed would be an understatement when I read about Dame and their mission in the sex toy industry. They want to cater to female pleasure, made by women, for women, “changing the world one vagina at a time”.

Up until now, it has been very difficult to find a sex toy that does not get in the way of your sexual experience. It can be very inconvenient or distracting to try and use a vibrator on yourself during penetrative sex, or it can interfere with your partner’s performance.

Eva 2 sex toy review

Not Your Average “Hands-free” Sex Toy

Although there are many phenomenal couples “hands free” vibrators, I do feel the Eva 2 is a one-of-a-kind sex toy. It’s incredibly unique for many reasons:

  • It is small and pocket-sized, made to not interfere with your sexual experience
  • Its “wings” are designed to fit underneath the folds of the labia to hold on over your clitoris
  • It has three steady vibration settings, which are all incredibly strong. This means that while attached, it provides a uninterrupted flow of pleasure.

I received my Eva 2 in a dark green color, and loved the soft feeling of the medical-grade silicone. It came with a charging case for proper and discreet storage.

How Would It Work Together?

Eva 2 couples sex toy
Eva 2 also comes in Quartz Pink

Before using with a partner, I tried it on to make sure the fit worked for my vulva and to confirm it actually stayed in place. After moving into a variety of positions, it did stay in place (even though I had my doubts).

With my partner, I applied Eva 2 as instructed, and turned it on to the first vibration setting. My partner, was happy to report he did not feel the toy’s vibrations. He even thought it looked like a wonderful accessory on me! As I worked my way to the third and strongest vibration setting, my partner was still comfortable and completely overjoyed to see how positively it affected me.

Without using my hands, it was so soothing and beautiful to experience clitoral stimulation while having intercourse, without having to focus my efforts on it. I was able to enjoy the sensation from any position. My partner felt very validated connecting with me on this new level. Although intercourse alone feels great and we can connect, I can only climax from clitoral stimulation. This can be difficult for my partner to maintain throughout the whole session. Being able to confidently climax multiple times during intercourse, we were nothing short of grinning widely.

Bringing Couples Closer

After a wonderful session together, we felt the Eva 2 was a wonderful sex toy that helped us be more intimate. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your partner experience ultimate pleasure, and knowing that you are contributing to it. This toy is small, and doesn’t distract from the experience. Rather, it adds exponentially to the female experience. We found that just this touch of extra vibration ignites our spark, and gets us excited to continue our intimate experiences. Keep in mind you can use this sex toy for solo experiences, foreplay, or together. It’s a truly universal product that is made with a good cause!