Sleeping naked for the good of your body

It’s hot here—really hot. When you’re turning your air conditioning down to 80 degrees, you know it’s hot. It can become an all-consuming preoccupation. Thankfully, one of the best ways to deal with the heat is to wear as few clothes as possible, as often as possible. Sleeping naked is by far the best way to stay cool while benefiting from many other advantages.

Sheets feel good on skin

Soft, smooth, clean sheets are the best. Plus, the sensory interaction with something so luscious is a great way to get in touch with the sensitivity in your body.

Skin feels good on skin

If you’re sleeping with a partner, being naked allows you to have even closer contact. Plus, skin on skin helps you release feel-good oxytocin.

Less laundry

No more pajamas means less laundry to do. Less laundry means less water and electricity used. So, it turns out that sleeping naked is good for the environment, too.

Au natural is better for your bits (ladies)

You’ve probably heard this one before but sleeping naked allows the vagina to be unrestricted, allowing its natural maintenance to happen. No restriction equals no moisture equals less chance of a yeast infection.

Fewer restrictions to getting it on

That awkward dance that occurs while trying to remove pants, underwear, shirts, etc. to have sex with your partner doesn’t need to happen if you’re sleeping naked. If you’re in the mood (and as previously mentioned, you’re more likely to be) there’s nothing stopping you.

Sleeping naked builds body confidence

The more you get accustomed to seeing and feeling your body naked, the more likely you are to be comfortable with it. Since being comfortable with your body is a large part of feeling confident and sexy and confidence tends to build attraction, it seems reasonable to think that sleeping naked can even help your dating life!

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