A Year of Intimate Innovations

This year has been great one for intimate innovations that improve both women’s and men’s health. We are so grateful for all the people out there bringing better studies, information and products to the public. Below are just a few of our highlights for 2015.

Learning that breast cancer isn’t always about genetics

This year, we learned from the Cleveland Clinic that only 1 in 10 cases of breast cancer are related to genetic causes.

The Sexual Health Expo

SHE is a great place to learn about sex and intimacy in a warm, welcoming environment. The New York version happened back in September but there’s one in Los Angeles right around the corner, January 16-17. Sessions on Aging and Sex, Online Dating, Alternative Lifestyles, Role play and Sex Toys are just a few of the options available. Tickets are only $25!

Learning that a healthy man can mean a healthy sex life

We spent the entire month of June (Men’s Health Month) providing information and options to keep men healthy! Food, exercise and emotional support are hugely important to support a vibrant intimate life.

Intimate innovations for women’s pelvic floor health

In addition to performing regular kegel exercise, we learned about the new G Balls 2. These innovative kegel trainers include its very own app to customize your training based on the condition you are trying to improve whether it’s incontinence, post-baby strengthening or menopause support.

Intimate innovations for men’s pelvic floor health

Women didn’t receive all of the love. The one-of-a-kind Private Gym was released to help men exercise their kegel muscles, as well. This device and its coordinated exercise program can help men with improved sexual performance, reversed or prevented erectile dysfunction, better urinary health and better prostate health.

Followers galore!

We’re also extra grateful to all of our new followers on Twitter and those who have shared our blog posts. Our goal of sharing information about intimacy, de-stigmatizing sexual issues and embracing sexuality becomes more of a reality every day.

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