Increase Your Intimacy: 10 Easy Steps!

Ten Steps to Increase Your Intimacy

Here are ten steps to help increase your intimacy from Joel Block’s indispensable Sex Over 50

More Touch

Touch each other more frequently by just holding hands and giving hugs

Let them know

Agree to not make sexual frequency a control issue.

Increase your intimacy by fantasizing

Don’t expect your partner to gratify all of your sexual desires. Fantasize and indulge your sensuous nature.

Be a self-starter

Don’t expect your partner to be responsible for turning you on.

Speak your mind

Speak freely. Be specific about how often you feel desire, what it feels like to you and what initiates and enhances these feelings.


Examine your issues. Do you have unexpressed resentment towards your partner? Unexpressed anger?

Be romantic

Separate sex from romance. Romance can, but does not have to, be a prelude to sex. It can be and end in itself.

Make a date

Make a non-demand sex date with your partner. You can be sexual without having intercourse or achieving orgasm.

Be aroused

Move straight to arousal. You don’t have to feel desire to feel arousal.

Set aside time

Set aside non-sexual, one-on-one time for each other. Set up date nights or exercise together.

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