LELO Bruno Prostate Massager Review

The LELO Bruno has been all the “buzz” lately. First and foremost, its beautiful and functional design stimulates the P-Spot and perineum. As I cannot attest to having a prostate, we sent my wonderful friend the Bruno to try out.

LELO Bruno Review

“I recently received a black LELO Bruno and have been very happy with it! It is designed tastefully, with a sleek exterior highlighted with a gold-colored plate at the bottom. It is also very easy and straightforward to use. With one button to switch it on and off, it’s easy to cycle through six amazing vibration settings. The shape of the LELO Bruno is my highlight for it. It sits right on top of my P-Spot when inserted, and even without turning on the vibrations, it feels wonderful. When it’s switched on, it is mind-blowing, and with the different vibration settings available there’s plenty of opportunities to play. It is moderately sized as well which is useful for those only starting to explore anal play. It also works well for those who are looking to change things up.

“For men that are curious about anal play and prostate massage and those experienced, I highly recommend the LELO Bruno because it is elegantly designed and such a fun and amazing toy to use!”  

Our Take on the Bruno

If you are looking to explore prostate stimulation and would like to explore options other than manual massage, this could be a great product to try. Not only is the functional fit ideal for movement and other sexual activity, but you can change up your routine by using it for solo play. Stimulating the prostate also has health benefits that can include decreasing the chance of erectile dysfunction.

Unlike many prostate products, LELO Bruno vibrates, meaning sensation is very much “mind-blowing”. It includes two vibrating motors: one at the internal tip where it would stimulate the P-Spot and the other at the external tip where it would stimulate the perineum. While many men think vibrators aren’t for them, they may actually find this combination of sensation to be a gamechanger. It really can open up a whole new world of what’s possible!

Since LELO Bruno is a silicone toy, try pairing it with a natural and long-lasting water-based lubricant!