Prostate Massage 101

So you’ve heard about prostate massage, but you aren’t quite sure what benefits it holds? Lucky for men, stimulating the prostate holds numerous sexual health properties, as well as added pleasure!

The prostate is an essential part of the male reproductive system. Located right in front of your rectum, or in between the penis and bladder, it is easily accessible to stimulate through the anus. It helps produce seminal fluids, as well as propel them though the urethra. Due to it’s location, it’s easier to understand how it is quite common for anyone with prostate issues or an enlarge prostate to experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or sexual dysfunction.

What we do know is that prostate massage can aide in alleviating these issues and add to your sexual experience. When regularly massaging your prostate, it helps keep the gland healthy by stimulating blood flow, easing discomfort/inflammation, and clearing out blockages. As for sensation, it is said that the pleasure derived from stimulating the prostate is comparable to the female G-Spot orgasm. Men can feel a more intense sensation and be on the verge of climaxing for a longer period of time. This has been revolutionary for men with ED, showing new found vitality and sensation! For reasons that are therapeutic or pleasure based, stimulation can be self induced, from a partner, or by toys made specifically for the prostate!

The Basics of Prostate Massage

As for any action that involves the anus, there are a few steps to follow for your comfort. The three basics are:

Cleanse appropriately

Make sure to have a bowel movement beforehand, and cleanse the rectum. Simply rinse the area and slightly within, or use a water enema for more effective cleaning.

Use plenty of lubricant

The rectum does not self lubricate, which is why having a good lubricant is essential for your massage. It will help guide a finger or toy with comfort and lessen any uncomfortable friction. Depending on what toy you may use, or if you are using self stimulation or a partner, you can choose silicone or water based lubricant. (Try Sliquid Silver, a long lasting silicone-based lubricant, or Sliquid H20 for a water-based lubricant.)

Go slow

The powerful sphincter muscles in the rectum and anus can react rapidly and make the experience uncomfortable if not eased into. Play around with what positions you feel most relaxed in. Many report being on their backs or their sides to be the easiest. Make sure to communicate what feels good, and give direction.

The Massage

For self or partner massage, you will be able to find the prostate gland by inserting a finger into the rectum, curved towards the penis, until you feel the prostate (comparable to a small bump or ping pong ball). Before inserting a finger, make sure the anus is well lubricated, as well as you/your partner’s finger. You may wear a latex glove if it’s more comfortable. Gently apply pressure, gliding in a “come hither” motion (from top to bottom). During the prostate massage, it is normal to experience an erection. It is common to actively stimulate the penis at the same time. This added sensation can be new and exciting, all while providing the incredible health benefits as mentioned above!

Prostate massage toy Aneros MGX Trident
Aneros MGX Trident

While the manual massage is wonderful, many men have found it easier to use a prostate massager which can target it more accurately. Products like the Aneros MGX Trident or Crystal Wand Deluxe are shaped perfectly to provide concentrated stimulation to the prostate. The Aneros MGX Trident allows for a hands-free experience, allowing men to wear it during sexual activity. It is also thin enough to be very user-friendly for first-timers. The Crystal Wand Deluxe is excellent for solo or partner play, allowing for a new bonding experience. Use it to try exploring the intricate curves and sensations of the prostate. Using the same “come hither” motion, you can still experiment and see exactly what form of motion produces the most pleasure for you.