App-controlled Kegel Training with G Balls 2

G Balls 2 are kegel training without the mystery!

This new kegel training system is something to celebrate. Bluetooth-enabled, App-controlled and USB rechargeable, G Balls 2 provides pelvic floor strengthening without the mystery. The approachable and adorable Magic Kegel app (available on iOS or Android) includes a virtual trainer that allows the user to choose from six different targeted kegel training programs including New Mom, Baby Plan and Muscle Recovery. Feedback from G Balls 2 also allows you to view how your muscles are responding to the vibrations.

G Balls 2 include a USB cable to recharge for up to 4 hours use G Balls 2 are a revolutionary kegel training deviceG Balls 2 are app-controlled kegel training balls

“Working out” the right way

Unlike many other kegel training routines and products, G Balls 2 doesn’t expect its users to know whether they are doing their kegels “right” or “wrong.” For women who experience post-baby or age-related incontinence, this exerciser makes it easy to get on the road to recovery. Just remember, as with any exercise, be consistent and allow time for results. Your kegel muscles, like all the muscles in your body, need time to strengthen. Consistency is key.  When you have a “workout” partner like G Balls 2 and the Magic Kegel app, it’s easier to stay on track!

G Balls 2 are now available at MedAmour!