Sex During Pregnancy – Tips for Comfort!

Ladies, it’s time to drop the prehistoric myths around sex that your grandma told you. Sex during pregnancy is completely healthy! In fact, it is actually beneficial to continue having regular sex during pregnancy. No, sex will not cause miscarriage or hurt the baby! Here are a few tips to make sure you’re having the safest, most comfortable sex while pregnant.

Educate your partner about sex during pregnancy

Your partner may be scared of hurting you or the baby during intercourse. Fortunately, this is a myth of the ages! Your baby is protected in the uterus by amniotic fluid and the strong muscles surrounding it. Most couples find that there is no need to change the frequency or type of sex they are having, although positions may change with the size of a growing belly.

Positions, positions, positions!

It is safe to continue having intercourse in the same manner you would before pregnancy. While having sex may be easier during your first and second trimester, you may find that things can be uncomfortable during your third. The weight and pressure of your stomach might call for a little more creativity. While it is not recommended to lay on your back during the later months of pregnancy, you may find it more comfortable to take positions where you are on top. You can also try lying on your side to take the pressure off of your stomach. This could be a great opportunity to explore new positions and communication with your partner!


Due to the many hormonal changes during pregnancy, some women may suffer from decreased vaginal lubrication. You can alleviate dryness by incorporating a high quality, natural lubricant to feel more comfortable and help prevent injury during sex. I recommend Intimate Earth Hydra, which is organic, unscented, and is a wonderful water-based lubricant which you can also use with toys.


Doctors sometimes might advise you to avoid sex in the last month of pregnancy. This is because hormones in semen called prostaglandins can cause uterine contractions. If this is of high concern to you, I would recommend using a durable condom, such as Lelo’s Hex! They are very thin, and with their honeycomb structure they help transmit body heat and avoid slippage issues.

Stay Creative & Stay Sexy!

No matter the size of your belly, remember that you are a beautiful, sexual creature at any stage of pregnancy. You might even find that your libido has actually increased! Enjoy this stage and the closeness it can bring you to your partner, and a new understanding of your own body.

Looking For More Ideas?

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Sex during pregnancy book: Your Orgasmic Pregnancy Sex during pregnancy book: Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood