Lelo Hex Condom Review: A Great Choice for Sensitive Partners

I think its safe to say that finding the right condom can be a struggle for many couples. Too big, too small, not enough grip, or not enough feeling. It can truly be a gamble finding a brand that you like. That’s why I was excited to try the LELO Hex condom. It claims to eliminate the struggles of most condoms. Its super-thin, honeycomb design can transfer body heat and stay in place. It is also ultra thin with ultra stretch!

LELO Hex Condom hex structure
LELO Hex Condom hex structure

I tend to be careful with trying new condoms since I do happen to be very sensitive to latex. I have traditionally stuck to one brand for the past couple of years. I find that the lubrication included in some condoms can be quite irritating, or can have an overwhelming smell. LELO Hex being a more expensive condom compared to the typical drug store price, I did have high hopes!

LELO Hex, Put to the Test

The condom was very easy to open, and my partner found it easy to put on. We thought the packaging was phenomenal, and the clear hexagon structures made for a fancy-looking condom! One of the main compliments he had was that it rolled on seamlessly, fit correctly, and didn’t need adjusting. We found that it was indeed doing its job. It was very thin so there was a lot of sensation. There was also no annoying slippage through our entire experience. The lubricant and latex of the LELO Hex surprisingly did not irritate me at the slightest, which made our experience extremely positive.

Some Drawbacks

The only downfall of this condom is that I felt it did have an overwhelming smell of latex. For the quality of the condom, which is definitely top notch, this is definitely something I can work past.

Great For Those with Sensitivity and Irritation

I would recommend this condom for couples who deal with sensitivity or irritation issues, since it is very high quality. With the new structure put into the condom, I do feel its most impressive aspect is the anti slippage which makes for a seamless experience!