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Did my sexuality change after I became a vegan?

Days ago someone asked me what changes I had experienced in my sexuality since I became a vegan. At the moment a thousand responses came to my head; physical changes, chemical changes, emotional changes … because for me, veganism changed my life completely. Not only at the level of food, that would be the easiest part to explain. And is that food is just the starting line for all the other changes that I have been experiencing. 

When I went vegan it was because of self-love, maybe it sounds a little selfish. I hope I can explain that part to you another time, but now I will tell you about the changes that I have been able to notice sexually. 

A Massive Change

Let’s start with my skin, for me, it is one of the most important sexual organs. After months of going vegan, it was inevitable to see how my skin looked more beautiful, was softer and more sensitive … although it is not something that many people tend to attach importance to, I could feel how my skin became more sensitive to touch, I began to notice how the caresses were now more intense for me, even when I was caressing myself … little by little the pampering and caresses became one of my favorite things, even when sex is not part of the game. 

Body Odors & Lubrication

It’s delicious how my body odors became more subtle, sweet and sexy, that somehow gave me more confidence in my relationships. Definitely! Now when I use some oil or body lotion, the smell and sensation that this product gives me lasts much longer on my skin. Something as inevitable as the change in body odors is the taste of my fluids, just like the taste of semen in some vegan boys becomes less acidic and sweeter, in the case of women, it’s the same.

On the other hand, my vaginal lubrication increased a lot, without a doubt a plant-based diet provides much more hydration, due to the amount of fruits and vegetables … I love lubricants because they are part of many sexual games ; but the reality is that now I naturally lubricate super fast, and that was not always the case. Before going vegan sometimes I really needed to use lubricant.  


Another thing that I could notice was the progressive increase of my libido; This made me very curious and after reading and reading I attributed it to the fact that now I consume much more vitamin B and much more zinc without realizing it and that greatly favors my sexual desire. Something that really caught my attention is that after I now enjoy masturbating much more, so much so that I have seen myself buying more toys than I need.

I don’t know if my diet is perfect now, I just know that now I feel more satisfied, healthier, more energetic and sexually happier and more secure of myself.

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Luisana Leon.

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