Staying Well Indoors: Simple Mental Health Hacks

The timeless phrase called ‘Health is Wealth’ perhaps begins to make a whole lot of sense if a bit of light is thrown into it. Self-care forms one of the most vital building blocks of our entire foundation of being. Recent times are seeing a drastic shift in everybody’s lifestyle. If this situation is going to be the new “normal,” then our self-care should deeply be considered!

Being stuck in one place for a prolonged period of time can begin to take a toll on our mental health.We may experience random bouts of feeling low, anxiety issues, down-phases, and even sexual problems because of being boxed-up. Perhaps we feel lack of motivation, low libido, and easily irritable: how can we do simple things to improve our well being?

Here are a few tricks in order to ease our nerves while staying indoors:

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Mind: 

Amidst our busy way of life, we had perhaps forgotten to take care of our day-to-day emotions. It’s high time that mental health is taken into consideration with as much importance as the physical heath, if not more. Daily practice of a few minutes of self-introspection, that is, spending some ‘me-time’, alone, away from any distractions is a good way to start.

Hitting the gym or working out may have become ‘another mechanical task’ for many, making it less appealing than usual. Incorporating at least 20-30 minutes of body movement a day can help increase your emotional wellbeing. This can be cardio, weights, or even stretching: the simple action of moving helps us get back into our bodies and “keep the engine running” if you will.

Consider also modifying your diet to hit your nutrient goals. A poor diet in itself can affect every part of our bodies and mental health. If you are tired, sluggish, anxious, and suffering from low libido- your diet could definitely play a part in that. It’s best to work with a professional to see what the best diet is for you!

Self Pleasure

Living in modern times with open-mindedness, we must discard age-old, meaningless stigma around the existence of masturbation. Masturbation is a natural thing in any animate being: many species do it, and for good reason. Self pleasure helps release stress by releasing endorphins and satisfying sensual desire, and helping us feel connected to our own bodies. When exploring self pleasure, we recommend using products to help your journey. Alongside our vast variety of toys, we recommend adding a nourishing and stimulating lubricant like GoLove CBD Lubricant, Sexy Serum by Java Skin, Toca TOTO Organic Lube.

  1. Make time for self pleasure: even if it’s 15-20 minutes, this alone time is important!
  2. Set the scene: do you want music on? Dim lights? In the bathtub? A film running?
  3. Pick your stimulation: Do you prefer your hands, using a pleasure product, or both?
  4. Make sure to use a lubricant to protect your tissues from abrasion- it’s common!
  5. Have a partner around? Consider mutual masturbation to connect.
  6. Give yourself aftercare: how was the experience? Did you enjoy yourself?


Many of us used to have unique hobbies which would fill us with joy. In the course of time, those have been neglected to a great length. The time is now to blow away the dust of nostalgia, and revive ourselves within our hobbies again. Want to listen to nostalgic music? Pick up drawing again? Start crafting? Read novels or catch up on an interesting series? It may feel selfish to indulge in these hobbies as we get swept away in the adult world, but we deserve it! Have some fun with our activity books.

Get Outside!

Human beings can’t survive without nature- a fact that we have been ignoring for years. Even if you only have access to open a window or sit on your porch, the fresh air will do you a world of good. If you have the ability to take a stroll outside, consider a 20 minute walk during your week. The simple act of leaving your home can be very mentally stabilizing, and it can also be done with responsible social distancing.

The ingredients for the art of living are simple. It’s for most of the part in our hands to either continue to merely survive with worry, or look at the brighter side of life by warming ourselves up with a bit of love. Enjoy the simple things, take care of yourself, and breathe some fresh air: You deserve it!

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