4 Reasons Why You Should Masturbate in a Relationship

Contrary to the popular belief, masturbating while in a relationship is completely normal, and absolutely beneficial. Many people stray away from masturbation under the assumption that “I am getting enough from my partner” or that its “disrespectful” or “cheating” while seeing someone. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As long as masturbation is not getting in the way of having a healthy sex life and relationship, it can yield many advantages. Here’s 4 reasons why you should masturbate!

happy woman showing why you should masturbate in a relationship
Boost your mood with some “me” time

“Me” Time is Essential

What other way is there to lavish yourself with intimacy and care like masturbating? Giving yourself time to get familiar with your own body can very well be considered a necessity. During this time, you are safe to see what feels good, fantasize, relax, and restore from having an incredible orgasmic experience. It’s healthy for you, and has shown to uplift mood, help you sleep, and crush everyday stress.

Boost Your Sex Drive

What many people don’t know is that masturbating can actually fuel your sex drive. Yes, that’s correct! If you feel your sex life with your partner is in a funk, you should masturbate to explore your arousal. The less time we put into our own sexual health, such as orgasms/arousal, the less we crave it. Ironic isn’t it?

Great for Alone Time or When Your Partner Isn’t Available

Whether your partner is gone on a business trip or not in the mood for sex, masturbation is a great way to meet your own needs. Masturbating takes tension away from your relationship, since your sexual gratification shouldn’t primarily depend on your partner.

Sexual Variety

woman in shower explaining why you should masturbate in a relationship
Try a different location, like the shower

Whether done to break habits, or create new ones, masturbation is a great way to add spice into your relationship. There are many ways to get creative in masturbation and they can involve your partner. Try masturbating somewhere new in your home, perhaps in the shower. You can mutually masturbate as part of something new for foreplay, or show your partner how you like to be touched!

Masturbating is also easy to do! Whether you use your hands or a stimulating toy, it’s something that will bring you closer to your sensual self. Your relationship will thank you!