Love, Made in the USA: American-made Body Products You Can Trust

We all want to be able to trust the products we use. This is even more the case with products we ultimately will use internally such as lubricants, sex toys or condoms. Intimate products made in the USA are often a labor of love (pun intended). Their carefully-selected ingredients and materials make all the difference. Below are just a few of our favorite brands!


Made in the USA Bella CBD lubricant

Woman-owned and made in the USA, Bella is a full line of CBD body products. It all began when founder Krista Whitley developed a cream for her daughter, who was suffering from eczema. It worked wonders and she has now shared the gift of CBD’s benefits in all of her products. MedAmour carries all of their body products but the one we are most proud of is the Bella CBD Lubricant. This lubricant can make a huge difference for women suffering from pelvic pain, discomfort, dryness and tension. While still being studied to truly understand its benefits, CBD is used topically and internally by many for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing benefits.

Good Clean Love

Made in the USA Good Clean Love Restore lubricant

Also woman-owned, made in the USA and lovingly obsessed over, Good Clean Love is a quality line of lubricants and body products for improved intimacy. One of their more popular products is Almost Naked, a 95% organic aloe-based lubricant. Its light vanilla scent is pleasant without being overwhelming. The other Good Clean Love product we’re in love with is Restore. This pH-balancing product is more than just a bedside lubricant. Use this product after taking antibiotics or recovering from a yeast infection to help put your vaginal pH back in balance. Each package includes a plastic “lube shooter” (of sorts). This can help soothe and restore delicate tissues.

As You Like It

Made in the USA As You Like It Chai Massage Oil

How we love this brand! Their scents and flavors are super yummy and they are ALSO woman-owned and made in the USA. We’ve even heard a story about how the owner laboriously HAND-processes the vanilla that is in each product. These oils, body butters and creams are completely organic and made with simple, yet luscious ingredients. Select from completely unscented or delicious-smelling Chai, Lavender or Vanilla massage oil. You’ll have to grab a snack after your massage.



Made in the USA SpareParts Deuce Male Harness

Anyone who has ever used a harness knows that they can be uncomfortable–pinching in all the wrong places (at the WRONG time). Enter SpareParts, who has absolutely changed the game in wearable, COMFORTABLE harnesses. If you’re thinking that harnesses are only for the sexually-extreme, think again. Aside from being used frequently by same-sex couples, harnesses are beneficial for the disabled or men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Several of their products are made with these people in mind.

You’ll be amazed at all the bells and whistles contained in a SpareParts harnesses. Reinforced compartments, pockets for bullet vibes, a stash for condoms, the ability to pack and play–it’s all there. Made of soft, stretchy, yet strong materials like rayon, modal and nylon, these harnesses are washable (in their own launder bag). The Deuce harness is designed specifically for men using a dildo. It allows room to fit their own penis comfortably through its own hole. This allows for men who might experience an erection to have intercourse without a dildo, should the moment present itself.

Whatever you’re looking for, sometimes it just takes a little extra digging to find those made in the USA brands. We stand by the ones we’ve selected and truly believe they can help improve relationships anywhere!