Womanizer features new technology for women

Put the name “womanizer” aside for the moment (something we’re hoping is a result of a concept being lost in translation). Instead, try focusing on what this product does.

Conditions affecting libido

For women coping with menopause, a recent pregnancy, cancer treatment or recent surgery, hormones can be in constant flux. A drop in estrogen can cause conditions such as vaginal or clitoral atrophy that creates thinning, dryness and inflammation of the skin lining of the vagina. A decrease in libido is also two to three times more likely in women as they age. An age-related decrease in testosterone, having one’s ovaries removed or the side effects of chemotherapy can also reduce desire.

With all of these biological influences, not to mention depression, stress, lack of sleep and potential relationship problems, how can a woman experience satisfaction or try to regain her libido?

Stimulation and blood flow

Clitoral and vaginal tissue is maintained by adequate blood flow, just like every other part of the body. Encouraging blood flow to this area is beneficial in increased sensation and pleasure. Previously, we have recommended products such as warming lubricants, clitoral stimulants and external vibrators to help with stimulation and blood flow to the clitoral and vagina. The new Womanizer can be added to this list, although its design does not involve vibration or even direct contact with the clitoris.

How the Womanizer works

The Womanizer is the first intimate product to feature PleasureAir. This technology makes it possible to stimulate a woman without direct clitoral contact. The soft silicone tip is placed on the skin surround the clitoris. The Womanizer then creates a gentle suction and fluttering sensation like puffs of air. These pressure waves have, for many women, created multiple moments of orgasm. Reviews on the Womanizer are overwhelmingly positive, even for women who normally find themselves too sensitive for direct clitoral stimulation.

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The Womanizer W100 uses new technology for intense sensation #womanizer #clitoralatrophy #lowlibido #menopause

Womanizer W100– PleasureAir technology applies effective pressure waves without direct contact for fast and often multiple moments of pleasure. $189.99

The Womanizer W500 uses new technology and 2 tips for intense sensation #womanizer #clitoralatrophy #lowlibido #menopause

Womanizer W500– The next generation of the W100, featuring an ergonomic shape, easy-to-use control buttons and small and large tips. $219.99