4 Sexual Wellness Boosts for Health

It may be common to assume sexual wellness is only for pleasure purposes. While that is a huge part of keeping our sexual wellness a priority, our pleasure actually benefits all aspects of our health. From boosting our immune system, giving us energy, and even lowering our blood pressure- we have chosen our 4 MedAmour favorites.

Boosts Sex Drive

Have you felt like your libido has been running low? Or you’re just not as interested as you used to be? Ironically, one of the best remedies (when you confirm that hormones are in check) is more sexual stimulation. Our followers find that when regularly carving out time for sex or masturbation, their libido seems to double. This can be due to craving pleasure more, and of course giving more consistent blood flow to the genitals. As our mothers once told us, if you don’t use it you lose it!

Helps You Sleep

That’s right, maybe it’s time to throw out the Melatonin and have an orgasm! Having sex can help you sleep better because the rush of endorphins helps ease tension and anxiety, talk about those bedtime scaries! Depending on the level of sexual activity, you could have also used all your energy and be ready to hit the hay. Then on the flip: Having good sleep in turn keeps libido healthy due to increased energy levels and better mood.

Improves Mood

Going alongside the past two facts: Increased endorphins, alongside typically better sleep (and enjoying pleasure) improves your mood greatly. The physical act of sexual arousal or orgasm can help ease tension, and has often been a cramp remedy for women. Are you stressed before a big job interview? Had a long day in the office? Need to blow off some steam? Just like exercise does the trick, so does sexual arousal.

Keeps Pelvic Floor Strong

A female orgasm would best be described as a rhythmic tightening or spasming of the uterus, vagina, and surrounding muscles (which can provide relief to pelvic pain, like cramps). Keeping these muscles active and strong not only alleviates some pains, but can help with issues such as incontinence, lack of sensation, and strengthens orgasmic response. Some conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, and vaginismus can make climax or sexual stimulation painful, so we recommend working closely with a trusted doctor when exploring different forms of sexual stimulation.





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