Best Veggies for Better Sex: Men’s Health

It can’t be said enough, your diet affects all aspects of your life! In honor of Eat Your Veggies Day and Men’s Health Month, below are the top veggies you can eat for better sex.

Beet it for Better Sex

It seems that increased nitric oxide, associated with beets, and better blood pressure are correlated. In several studies, participants showed increased exercise capacity and lower blood pressure, several hours after drinking beet juice. None of these studies were specifically about erectile dysfunction but since many ED medications work to increase nitric oxide, it stands to reason that beet juice can be a great, easy natural supplement for better sex. Plus, it is available anywhere you might find pressed juices or you can blend it up in your own juice or smoothie at home. Here’s a great beet-based recipe to get you started (the ginger included is also great for digestive health).

Sweet Potatoes

Once again, high blood pressure is often associated with erectile dysfuntion.These potassium-rich vegetables help fight high blood pressure, while providing a good dose of beta-carotene and Vitamin A, that might help with infertility.

Tomatoes: fruit, veggie, or vasodilator?

Is it a fruit or a vegetable? Either way, it includes lycopene which, as we’ve mentioned before, can help in prostate health. It turns out, lycopene (contained in tomatoes and even more so in cooked tomatoes) is a great vasodilator, meaning it helps with blood circulation which can, in-turn help with erectile dysfunction. Even if erectile dysfunction is not the issue, all men can benefit from better blood circulation and bloodflow to the penis to assist in arousal and better sex. This could be good news for women, too, since increased blood circulation can help with anorgasmia and vaginal and clitoral atrophy caused by menopause or post-pregnancy.

Eat Your Brussel Sprouts (for baby)

Looking to conceive? For both men and women, the folic acid and phyto-nutrients contained in brussel sprouts can help boost fertility and increase sperm levels. And, as previously mentioned, this cruciferous vegetable can assist in prostate health and function as an anti-inflammatory.

Celery? Yes, celery.

Believe it or not, the seemingly-benign celery stalk could create a better sex life. It includes androstenol and androstenone, which, for men, are the pheromones that attract women. These pheromones boost men’s arousal, too. There are other products on the market meant to attract women that sometimes contain this ingredient, as well.